5 Hot Label Advertising Strategies Explained

By | December 10, 2011

5 different label advertising strategies that can try out for yourself. Just review details below and pick the best ones that will be useful for you.

There are five great and hot label advertising strategies that you can go for today. Each of these strategies can be applied to expensive or even to cheap labels as long as you actually know the ins and outs of developing and deploying them. In this tutorial we will go through each of these great strategies and explain to you the key concepts that you must know to employ them. Hopefully this should help you out improve your own labels and of course get them to do some great advertising for your products.

1. BIG label advertising – A simple, yet classically effective strategy for label advertising is just printing big. Size matters in a label because it affects visibility. If you want your labels to dominate other similar labels in its environment, then being big is a simple and very effective option.

All you have to do is to use a size that is 50%-100% larger than your rivals and your label advertising should already produce more competitive prints. Of course, try to keep in mind that this should not affect the look of the product being labelled.

2. SHAPED label advertising – Another good trick in label advertising is to use shaped labels. Everybody is familiar with rectangular shaped labels. Even if others alter the size of their color labels, the shape is typically still rectangular. So, to be different, effective and more visible, a good advertising move would be to use a more unique shape to those labels.

You can shape it like your brand logo, or maybe you can explore other more exotic (but very memorable) shapes. This should mark on people, giving your labels a better chance at communicating its advertising message properly.

3. WORD label advertising – Words our very powerful indeed, and in labels you can use very specific words to make its advertising potency better. By researching the key issues and concerns that your target market has, you can easily discover what key printed words most of them respond to.

A good example of this is the word SALE or DISCOUNT. People who are thrifty or trying to save money will of course respond to that, while others may respond to something like DISCOVER, which is for people who are hungry for knowledge. If you can pinpoint the best key words that you can attach to your labels, you can make them more effective for advertising. It is just that simple.

4. LIGHT label advertising – Another hot tactic for labels is the “light” tactic. More specifically, this tactic involves the use of specially reflected light from labels. You can put in reflectors, glitter elements or just a nice glossy reflective sheen in your label paper material.

These reflected light sources will of course always distract and attract people’s eyes into reading the label itself. While this is more expensive, labels with this advertising strategy often get a lot more readers simply because there is an aura about them of professionalism and specialness.

5. MASS label advertising – Lastly, we have the so called mass label advertising. This basically means that you can print lots and lots of the same labels for all your products, with one or two extras along the way. The more labels you have, even the cheap ones, the better as they will increase the exposure of the advertising message to the audiences.

This means that they will eventually recognize the message, fully reading it as they get pieces of it along the way. They will really have no choice as they are always out there. In most cases, they will trust a product enough this way because they see it everywhere.

So those are the 5 different label advertising strategies that you can try out for yourself. Just review the details above and pick the best ones that will be useful for you.