5 Reasons Why Putting Off Foundation Repair Is A Bad Idea

By | February 14, 2012

5 Reasons Why Putting Off Foundation Repair Is A Bad Idea

The foundation of a home or construction is the main building block that it is set upon. If it becomes damaged, or unsettled it will need to be fixed to prevent major problems in the structure. Because the foundation is critical to the building you do not want to put off getting it fixed. Even waiting a year or a few months can have a negative impact on the existing damage. There are five main reasons why you do not want to put off San Antonio foundation repair.

• The price to fix up the foundation can rise dramatically. Anything that deals with construction or repair can make the basic costs of material needed increase. Should your price be structured with a markup on costs this can mean the difference between a few hundred or thousands of dollars.

• The amount of damage that the property is currently in will not stay that way. It will continue to break down due to wear and tear. If there is a major break or crack where water or other elements can harm it, then the problems may occur much quicker. When you decide to get it repaired you may find an unpleasant surprise. The amount which needs to be repaired has increased.

• You do not know what the future may hold for you or your family. You may be able to use current funds or obtain a home improvement loan to get your structure fixed. However, you or your spouse can become unemployed which will put a dent in your income. This can prevent you from qualifying for any type of loan, and you will need any excess cash to pay for house expenditures and debts.

• If your home is currently valued at a certain figure, then foundation repair will drastically drop the current market value. Should you decide that you want to sell it you will not be able to get your asking price. Many buyers may not even want to look at the home if they feel that the price to fix it up will be too great.

• Nothing should ever be done in haste. If you put off getting your foundation repaired and then need to get it fixed quickly due to an emergency, you will discover that you may not pick the right contractor for the job. He or she may cause more damage as you did not give yourself enough time to qualify them prior to starting work.

San Antonio foundation repair can be a major undertaking. You do not want to leave it to chance. You should not put it off until the last minute as you can make poor decisions. The price of materials and repair costs can increase during the time you put it off, and more damage can be caused during this period. If at all possible try and get it done right away for your own peace of mind and safety.