5 Things You Should Consider Not Doing When Designing Your Invitations

By | September 28, 2011

Things that take note when you need to print custom own invitations. Knowing what to avoid now, help find the best designs that brings in best results

Being new to printing invitations, you will want to know what to do with your designs, and more importantly what NOT to do or the things to avoid when composing these invitations. This is important to learn early on, so that when you do submit your stuff to the invitation printer, not only will you deliver good looking professional design, but you also avoid other issues and problems in printing.

Now, in this special guide, we will go through five of the things that you should take note of and consider NOT doing as you design your invitations. Some of these items may sound useful and practical, but believe me, they will only give you problems in the long run. So take note of these and learn.

1. Never use canned messages – While there are already a TON of specially made invitation card message templates out there (for tons of different occasions) that you can easily copy and paste into your invitations, I should warn you that you should never use these canned messages. This is because of many things, but mainly because your invitations won’t look very original and sincere if you used typical or common type invitation messages.

It will just read like many other types of invitation prints out there, and of course they won’t pay as much attention with these template messages. That is why it is important for you to be vigilant yourself and try to eliminate the use of canned images that is not from your own original compositions.

2. Do not use clip-arts and web images – If you need images in your invitations, you should remember that you should not use clip arts and web images. Why? Because those types of online images are poorly matched for professional printing. Those usually have low resolutions which are unfit really for serious printing.

All types of images set in this type of rendering will often result in bad and fuzzy looking prints that won’t make for a good impression with these invitations. So do yourself a favour with your envelopes, Try as much as possible to use your own original footage and designs,

3. Do not use those common font styles – Are you still using old Arial and Times New Roman font styles in your invitations? If so, then you should change those text elements right way. There are many other font styles out there. Better ones really that can pain a whole new theme and add a lot more energy to your invitation prints. T

hose common type fonts are only just holding you back from the best look that your invitations can become. So dump those common font styles and just go for the fresher web 2.0 fonts. This allows you to get those higher response rates that need for your more serious type invitations.

4. Never alter the template too much – For invitations, it is best to just never alter the template too much. This helps you streamline your process and make your drafts a lot more compatible in actual invitation printing. You can probably alter the fold locations and even some of the size and margins.

However, do not customize the template too much that it becomes more unwieldy for you and the printer to work with and deploy. Trust me, templates are set for those certain sizes and configurations for a reason. So just alter the templates just right. Do not go overboard.

5. Avoid using the cheapest materials – Lastly avoid using the cheapest materials in invitation printing. You will want to be at least moderately effective in impressing those people. You won’t get that chance if your paper materials for invitation printing are thin/flimsy, while those inks easily deteriorate. So make sure you avoid this at all costs. Spend a little bit more on thicker paper and even some more advanced ink materials. Believe me, it will be all worth it because of the better results that you will get.

So those are the real things that you should take note when you need to print custom invitations of your own. Knowing what to avoid now, should quickly help you find the best designs that brings in the best results. Good luck.

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