5 Ways to Help Enhance Your Text in Invitations

By | October 2, 2011

Try to enhance your invitations properly with these specially designed printouts. See as you integrate these text elements properly and with purpose.

Enhancing the text of invitations is easy. If you want to go beyond the usual designs that other custom invitations use for their text, then you should follow the tips below. Believe me, you yourself can easily make these changes and enhance your invitations in no time at all. So go ahead, read the items below and see how you can improve the text elements of your custom invitations.

1. Use a newly designed font style – If you want your invitations to look better than the usual, you should use a newly designed font style. While the archived fonts in your design software might already be good, there is nothing like getting to use a newly designed font style that not a lot of people have seen yet. So if you are really serious about printing great invitations, you should enhance your text a bit by going for those fresher styles.

2. Make them larger – It might sound simple, but this does enhance many invitation text elements. This is because a larger font size is not only visible, but its style will also be more visible. So why don’t you try making the main text title larger.

Using the new font style above, and a large format size for invitations, you should see a more significant effect on your readers. Believe me, in today’s market you do not have to be too shy with your invitation designs. You have to be bold, big and powerful in the eyes of your readers. So just increase their size a bit in your layout.

3. Color them creatively – Do not just color your text for these invitations. Be creative with your colors. Instead of black ink for example, or a single pure ink, you should go for gradient or faded style colors that have a more dynamic but seamless change built into them. Most printed materials and even digital published work use dynamic gradient type colors for text to make them more robust and exciting.

So make sure that you go beyond just a single color. Make sure you choose a creative color theme carefully considering the background, the theme and the overall emotion that you want to convey to readers. Most design software should be able to process this should it should be no problem for you if you just use more creative colors.

4. Add textures to text – Sometimes, if your invitations have a specific type of message or theme, it is better to add some textures. As many know, textures are your key to adding that real and cluttered type design that is actually more acceptable and natural than fixed type color text.

So make sure that you review your design again and add textures when necessary to your text content design. Believe me, that added material element can help a lot shape the whole invitation for the best and most memorable time with these kinds of invitation prints.

5. Blend them creatively – Finally when it comes to combining all these, you should be careful. Always try to blend those text properly by using precise blending effects. Do not rely too much on others helping you match everything, you should try to actually blend things on your own so that you can really choose the way you want your invitation text to look like. The more one they are with your designs, the better really.

So do not delay! Try to enhance your invitations properly with these specially designed printouts. Just monitor and see what happens with your invitations as you integrate these text elements properly and with purpose. Good luck!