A Few Hot Poster Advertising Tricks To Try Out

By | December 11, 2011

Are you running out of special advertising tricks for your cheap posters? Are the images and text in your posters not holding up anymore in your market? Well, maybe you need some hot new advertising tricks to spice up your advertising campaign for posters.

For your sake, I have listed down here some of the best ideas and advertising tricks that can help you get your poster to the market more impressively. By using these tricks, your audiences should be more exposed, more attracted and more interested to your color posters in many interesting ways. So pay attention and see if these hot poster advertising tricks can apply to you.

1. The road sign/warning sign advertising trick – When you think about it, everybody pays attention to warning signs and road signs. It is a natural habit, especially for responsible people who always want to be aware of their environment, including the opportunities and dangers that are close by.

If you can use and adapt certain road signs and warning signs for your poster designs, you can take advantage of that typical reaction to those specific symbols. Using a big stop sign in your posters for example should easily give people some halt, stopping them enough to get your poster message across hopefully.

2. The wall integration trick – Another hot strategy for posters today is for you to integrate them into the walls. For example, you can create a design that makes the poster look like a big hole or crack in the wall. Some people even add things like monsters or people into the design to make it look more integrated and visible. When you do these kinds of tricks, many people easily look and respond since having those wild or odd things in the wall is easily noticeable. You will get your advertising message across quickly and many of them will remember that.

3. Direct vision advertising – A great distribution trick for advertising using posters is to go deploy those posters in direct line of sight for your most audiences. So besides posting them on walls and bulletin boards however, you can take advantage of a few common behaviours that markets have. For example, many people will always look at the door or that door knob.

By deploying those posters at the middle area of the door near the door knob, then people will easily view it and read it. This can apply to many places, from the bathroom, a bar, or even some common commercial shops. As long as you put those posters on the eye level on key locations on your site, it will work effectively to get those poster advertising messages read and understood.

4. Information advertising – Information is a valuable resource. If you provide it freely with your posters, you will always get those posters read from start to finish. That is why you should think about adding some useful information that people currently want or is interested in to your poster content and design. If you can get the right info up in your posters, believe me, they will be reading your posters en masse quickly.

5. Mass advertising – Finally, there is a classic but still hot strategy in poster advertising called mass advertising. This involves printing lots of cheap posters and then flooding the marketing with multiple copies of them in lots of different locations. The premise here is that you will have so many posters that people will not be able to actually ignore those prints. Since they are everywhere, they will eventually read it, no matter if they like it initially or not. This should give you the best number of responses and results for your posters with this strategy.

Now, make sure you review the items above again. See if they can apply to your own poster themes and content. If it does, these will be great as alternative and popular strategies for your advertising posters.