A guide to decorating your Xmas tree

By | September 23, 2011

This article will tell you everything you need to know to make sure you have a beatufitul tree this Christmas.

Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so ‘what makes a well decorated tree?’ can be a bit of an ambiguous question. It really depends on what you like and where the tree is being displayed. A tree that is displayed in the family home may be decorated differently to a tree that is being used at a corporate event. Most people decide to go with a two toned theme and sometimes a third colour if desired. Choosing the colour scheme comes down to personal taste, whether you prefer more traditional colours like reds, gold, silvers and greens or if you want a more modern twist with blues, purples black and white or any combination in between.

You might think when decorating a tree its a matter of just taking everything out of the packets and putting it on the tree but there are a few tips specialist tree decorators have picked up along the way that will help you to get your tree decorated perfectly. The very first point is, that you want a tree with nice firm branches so that they can actually support the weight of the decorations. Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees are excellent in supporting the weight of the decorations without the branches drooping down and causing the decorations to slide off.

In terms of adding the decorations, there is an order that is the most practical and looks the best. Always start with the lights and check that the bulbs work before you put them on the tree. The best way to put the lights on is start with the end without the plug, and put this at the top of the tree. Then spiralling around the tree work your way to the bottom, adding lights into each layer of branches and finishing with the plug coming out at the bottom, back side of the tree.

The next step is to add ribbon or tinsel in a similar way that you added the lights. Start at the top and spiral down the tree, however if your tree is sitting in the corner and know one can see the back, you can zigzag the ribbon over just the parts seen, that way you save more for the front.

Next you put on your decorations, which is down to you where they go, and if you’ve got small kids, the majority of them will end up on the bottom half of the tree, next to the handmade decorations from preschool. Experts recommend a well balanced tree both in colour and scale. In terms of colour it’s best to try and get an even spread of the different colours over the whole tree. We try not to put two decorations that are identical next to each other because it seems to stand out in an odd way. Also, in terms of scale, if you have different sized decorations, put the bigger ones down the bottom of the tree and the smaller at the top and that way the decorations are in harmony with the natural shape of the tree and don’t stick out off the tree too much. If you decide to place a few special ornate feature decorations its best to place these on first so that they can hang on the strongest branches, particularly if they are the slightly heavier glass baubles. When placing them, put them evenly over the tree in a non symmetrical formation designers suggest Christmas trees look best when the decorations are not symmetrical.

From there on, it’s really up to you how much you want on your tree. If you want your tree to look really twinkly you could add some strings of Christmas beads, lumetta or throw some glitter over it. Also if the stand is visible you can cover it with a nice piece of festive fabric, but hopefully all the presents should cover the stand!