A Guide to Santander Opening Days London

By | May 4, 2021

Santander is a leading property and rental developer in the UK with a vast portfolio of luxurious apartments, townhouses and cottages to suit all lifestyles. Apartments in Santander are ideal for those who are looking out for luxury properties for sale. People living in luxury properties in Santander are assured of fantastic facilities including top notch security and state-of-the-art amenities. Residents of luxurious apartments in Santander can enjoy excellent leisure and recreational activities right at their doorstep.

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In addition to a number of luxurious apartments and townhouses in Santander, there are also a number of attractions that are located nearby. The most prominent among these is the famous Piccadilly Circus branch. Located at the heart of central London, this renowned shopping and entertainment center has been listed in the top fifty brands for the past eight years running. The Piccadilly Circus branch of Santander boasts a wide range of hotels and restaurants to accommodate its visitors. The Santander opening hours of the Piccadilly Circus branch are Sunday to Thursday, from 9am to 5pm.

For an individual looking out for Santander opening times, the shopping centre located at Piccadilly Circus offers an amazing array of retail outlets and restaurants. This centre has also been counted among the topmost shopping centres in the UK. The Piccadilly Circus branch of Santander opens its doors on Sunday to Thursday, from 9am to 5pm. People residing in London can take advantage of the following attractions during their Santander opening day trips. People can check out the following attractions while enjoying their trip to Santander:

The London Eye is a well known tourist attraction located in central London. It is one of the world’s best-known sightseeing Wonders. Due to its fame, this Santander opening day destination is filled with excitement. The London Eye has various floors that can be explored by people with different tastes and inclinations. One can enjoy the roller coaster ride, a travelling time machine, or even try the virtual reality options available for visitors. The London Eye promises to leave all visitors with great memories.

Theatre lovers will find the South Bank’s Thales theatre a perfect destination for their Santander opening day outing. The Thales Theatre has two sides: the Public and the Private sides. For the Public side, it plays all kinds of musicals, comedies and dramas. The Public side has wonderful food and drink choices for the general public. However, people wishing to watch a movie could book seats in the auditorium, which has a plush and comfortable seating area. For more special performances, the theatre house presents short runs of independent films.

The London Pleasure Gardens is another must-visit location on Santander opening day. Located on Banksy’s famous London Wall, the garden allows people to admire art and other installations as well as indulge in several activities. This park has interactive rides, games, and other attractions for the entire family. It also features an Aquarium, a Natural History Museum, and the London Eye.

Last but not least on our list is the London Dungeon. Built in 1832, the London Dungeon is London’s oldest underground railway. Visitors can travel back in time by taking the steam train from the Kings Cross Station. The station was designed as a section of the Victorian railway, and the unique architecture gives visitors the feeling that they are really traveling back in time. Inside, visitors will discover a treasure trove of antiques and memorabilia. The London Dungeon also offers a restaurant where visitors can enjoy freshly squeezed lemonade and sandwiches.

The final stop on our Santander Opening Days tour is the London Dungeon itself. The London Dungeon is London’s ultimate cinema. Each screen is tuned to a different era of movies, with classic films playing during the early part of the week, and horror films premiering at night. During the week, the theater is open late, and reservations are required to guarantee tickets. On the weekends, the theater is closed down for the day. You can visit the London Dungeon any day to enjoy this wonderful experience.