A Heart Sticker design challenge

By | January 9, 2012

Ask us what our favorite thing about California is and we will respond, “Californians”.  They simply are just wonderful.  Oh sure, there are a few bad apples as there are anywhere, but for the most part Californians and as a whole, they are the most pleasant, social, and approachable people we have experienced.
Why do we think Californians are this way?  Because they live in California.  Any visit to California and it will not be long until you understand why 33+ million people live in this great state.  It has it all.

Let’s just start with the obvious, the ocean. The deep blue water runs the entire 800+ mile western coast line.  If there is anything that should be on your life list, it is to experience as much of the California coast line as you can and as you want.  “Spectacular” is one word you will use over, and over, and over again.  From the gentle and warm ocean beaches of Newport and Laguna, to the city harbor ports of Los Angeles, to the mind blowing beauty of Big Sur, (and we do mean mind blowing) to the frigid rough, rugged, and unforgiving coast line that is the primer that becomes the Oregon Coast, you literally can spend a lifetime alone this ocean trail and still not see it all.  Not even close.    Our Heart Sticker design has a deep blue heart because of California’s relationship with this rich blue ocean.

California cities are cultural melting pots that also must be experienced.  Go ahead, pick a California city, GO…  You will see a culture unlike any you have experience in your whole life.  Packed with people, adapted to each other with its culture that is all their own and totally and completely acceptable to them because it has to be in order for it to work.  A kind of we make it work because the prize is here.  We get it and any time you are here, you will too.
Sure, the first thing you’ll experience are freeways 100s of feet wide, packed with cars, motorcycles riding in-between cars and someway. But somehow, it works.   This is just a part of the experience. And why?  Because when you get to where you are going, it is beautiful.  Palm trees, cafes outside, short skirts, nice suits, and sun glasses for all.  It’s feels a lot like being on vacation.   As Oregonians, we tends to lean toward San Francisco mainly because we can drive there in 9 hours or fly round trip for $99 and we do it often.
So why do 33,000,000+ people live in the golden state of California?  Just go and see for yourself.

Follow your heart, it will lead you home.

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