A short break for a world of good

By | October 11, 2011

In today’s busy world it is becoming much more common for people to take shorter breaks rather than the more traditional two week Costa del Sol package holiday that would have been the norm in past decades. Whether this is due to people having less time to take the longer holidays or a feeling that they cannot be away from their job for that period of time. It could be that the increase in affordable travel and special weekend accommodation prices that can be found is encouraging the growth of these city breaks.

With the invention of the budget airline a gate has been opened to allow people to travel in a way that would not have been thought possible in the past. Gone are the high prices of air travel which would have prevented many people, especially families from going abroad. Although when initially introduced there was a lack of destinations available and the fact that people had to get used to the idea of landing outside the main destination at a smaller airport and then be ferried in did not stop these airlines growing . And after all, for the price that people were paying to be able to fly to France, Spain and many other European destinations it was difficult to complain.

This continuing growth and demand for more destinations has led to further fields being explored with destinations such as Morocco, Turkey and Israel now available for people looking to go and experience different cultures while not breaking the bank.

However it is not just International flights that have seen an increase in short breaks. People have started to explore the UK more with the availability of cheap travel, not only planes but trains and coaches making just about everywhere in the UK a viable option for a long weekend getaway. And with recent summers there is also a feeling that a British summer holiday can match a holiday abroad weather wise, although this doesn’t apply to all areas of the UK.

With the increase in shorter breaks and a higher percentage of people choosing to go and explore with city breaks the insurance industry also had to change. There was a shift towards much more affordable insurance such as city break travel insurance. This has benefited the traveller with a much more affordable selection of tailored insurance designed especially for the shorter breaks.

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