A wedding gift to remember

By | October 10, 2011

Choosing the perfect wedding gifts can be difficult. Whether you know the happy couple well or vaguely know their likes and dislikes – fear not! Here is a guide to choosing the most lovely, appropriate presents for the love birds on their big day. From the traditional to the modern, the cool to the quirky, here you are sure to find an idea for every couple.

Embarking on married life is an exciting time, and one of the few times in anyone’s life when the height of luxury should be enjoyed to the full. Indulge the newlyweds with some glamorous champagne flutes and a bottle of the tasty stuff, or treat them to a post-wedding trip to a spa for some extra pampering.

You know the types – they’ve just bought their first house together and have been busy fixing the place up. This is the perfect couple for whom to buy practical gifts. They will love kitchen gadgets, cutlery sets, chinaware, a coffee maker and garden accessories to complete the little nest they are building.

The couple who has everything can be the most difficult type of couple to buy for, but worry not, the perfect gift for this pair focuses on memories. A digital photo frame will be well received or a more traditional silver frame is equally as nice, and means they can be surrounded by beautiful memories of their loved ones on the big day and well into the future.

For the art lovers there is no better gift than something that complements the existing design of their home. A word of warning comes with this gift idea however, you have to be careful with your gift choice. You should only buy artwork if you know the couple very well.

There are plenty of gift experiences out there to choose from. From sky diving to race car driving, try to gauge how adventurous the couple may be and tailor accordingly. With some companies you can simply buy a gift voucher and let them do the choosing to find an experience they will never forget.

When it comes to buying unusual wedding gifts use your imagination and choose a keepsake that will stand out from all the other gifts. A beautifully presented coin set is a poignant way to mark the year of the wedding and is something that the couple can keep and look back on in years to come.