Advanced techniques to enhance your postcard text

By | October 2, 2011

Know how to use advanced techniques with the tips listed below. Just review options and get the right steps so that you can apply it to your own life.

Let us enhance the text of your custom postcards. I am not just talking about using new fangled font styles for your postcards here. In this guide, I will teach you some fairly advanced techniques to enhance the look and feel of your text content designs. Below you will find five very simple but very powerful tricks that you should definitely try out to enhance the text content of your own color postcards Follow these suggestions and you will see really why they are great.

1. Embossed text approach – The embossed text approach involves adding some extra borders and specific shadow effects that make the text content look embossed in the eyes of readers. This means that you will have text that looks punched and moulded a bit, much like the text elements you see in past credit cards.

Remember that embossed text designs does not necessarily connote expensive style physical embossing, but it can be a virtual embossing of sorts making it look like the embossing is embedded in the postcard itself. This is useful if you want a more three dimensional textured approach to postcard designs without having to spend on actual embossing.

2. Pressed text approach – On the flipside of the embossed text approach is the pressed text approach. This is the design approach for postcard text that makes the text looks like they were punched pressed or basically forced to look like it was etched or padded down. This is great for specialized postcards that have a large material element in the cover itself.

The best example of this would be a wood textured postcard where you can simulate an etching or carving by adding a text design approach that is pressed. This is easy to apply in Photoshop if you know how to use it. Inner shadows and strokes should typically be all the blending options you need for your specialized text to appear great.

3. Floating text approach – Remember that you can also use the floating text approach. This is the special approach where there are shadows used outside the main content of the postcards. This allows your text to float up, getting the attention easily of the first readers that you see it.

So if you have a title that needs to be emphasized immediately, you might want to try adding shadows into them and make float or be prominent. This can really help you a lot especially if you have different kinds of text that need to be emphasized.

4. Faded text approach – You can also use a faded text approach. This involves changing the opacity levels of your text so that they can be integrated to other types of prints or design elements within the postcard. Much like the function of watermarks, these add small detail and small information that adds to the textured content of your postcards without overwhelming them. So try to think carefully about using faded text for your postcard printer.

5. Material text approach- – Finally you can use the material text approach. This is the approach of using material textures for your text content. You can make the text look like it was made of wood or even made of some kind of precious material by just using textures as the color fill. This can be great for themed postcards where materials are part of a great design. So try this out and choose the right texture that will make the design a lot more interesting.

Now you know how to use more advanced techniques with the tips listed above. Just make sure you review your options and get the right steps so that you can apply it to your own life. Good luck!