Android application development and its scopes

By | February 14, 2012

Every day is a busy day for Android developers, and it’s quite natural because Android OS really has considerable share in the global market of smartphone. According to a market research, one in three smartphones sold in market currently runs on Google OS, and this share is still going up. Android is an open source project with OS and some key applications. The OS is based on Linux and applications are developed in Java.

So the key factor associated here is open source, giving limitless opportunities of customization that fuels developers to work on a variety of android software development projects. Needless to say, this also gives business and corporate with opportunities to get their application developed and to amplify their online presence. Almost all sorts of applications can be developed for Android platform, setting it apart from other smartphones such as Apple iPhone, Microsoft and Nokia.

Android can perform operations just like its rival – iPhone does. Its platform supports plentiful apps and provides flawless options & solutions to companies globally. Android’s support to following operations turns it one of the best operating systems:

  • Support to inventory management
  • Support to account transaction management
  • Support to MIS Reporting
  • Support to CRM integrating Apps
  • Support to Navigational software
  • Support to games
  • Support to PDF Reader
  • Support to Office Suites
  • Support to apps integrating Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync support
  • Support to industry specific app development and many more. 

Android OS comes integrated with most of the Google’s services like shopping, search, mails, maps, and navigation but, availability of hundreds of thousands of third party applications and customized Android software development turns this OS an ultimate choice. Google provides Android SDK (software development kit) at no cost that further helps Android developers to easily work on ideas and quickly develop applications. Android SDK is set of application development tools including debugger, libraries, handset emulator documentation, sample code and tutorials.

This helps developers in developing diverse smartphone apps and offering them to companies engaged in areas like pharmaceuticals, sales, games, entertainment, location based services, and so on.

Google provides limitless support to develop apps but if you wish to add professional touch in your application, hiring a professional android application development company is recommended. Mobile Software development companies work with teams of IT experts, supported by team leaders and guided by project managers. Such companies follow a step-by-step process to develop apps such as – conceptualizing the idea, looking on feasibilities, developing the idea, testing it on real-life environment, and launching the end applications in market.