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By | September 24, 2011

Is the basement in your building a place where you are not able to stand because of the foul smell? Are you irritated with the musty odor that fills your basement? Are you tired of trying several techniques to keep your basement odor free? Are you interested is some sure shot ways to get rid of basement odor? If an answer to any of these questions is yes, you can relax as you have reached the right place to get an answer to all your problems related to basement odor.

Basement odor is a common thing that we come across. It not only makes you feel uncomfortable, but also affects your health adversely. But how do we get rid of it? It is always good to find the cause of the problem before taking corrective actions. The same holds good in this case as well. It is advisable to find the reason of the odor first, so that the problem is eradicated from its root. Reasons for basement odor can include – dampness in the walls because of water clogging, lack of hygine, lack of proper ventilation, moist carpets, etc. Once you have identified the reason, the next step is to take a corrective action. For example, if the reason for the odor is lack of proper ventilation, one can install a proper ventilation system and get rid of the problem for once rather than using room fresheners every time. Similarly, if the reason for the basement odor is dampness, it will be good if one checks for water clogging and try to correct that. Cracks in walls, leaking water pipes, etc. can cause dampness and thus foul smell. If the root cause cannot be corrected, another ways to make your basement odor-less is to use a Basement dehumidifier.

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