Best Composition Styles for Sticker Headlines

By | October 5, 2011

Why don’t try out some of these great styles in your sticker headlines. Believe me these will really work wonders in terms of the impact of stickers.

The headlines of your color stickers define its use, and its impact on readers. Now, you should not just compose it on the fly. There are specific styles that you should use in your stickers to get the maximum attention and the maximum impact. Let me teach you five of the best composition styles that professionals use for their own stickers. One or all of these should be very useful in your own sticker prints. So read the list below and try to discover.

1. The direct/attention notice approach – One of the best and proven composition styles for sticker headlines is the direct notice or attention notice approach. This involves using words that really catch people’s eyes because they are the typical words that actually demand attention where they are. Words like “ATTENTION!”, “WARNING”, “DANGER” or “NOTICE” are just some of the basic examples of this kinds of headline.

They are simple one word headlines that of course will definitely be highly visible and become the first thing that people will read in an environment. So try and see if you can integrate this kind of headline in your color stickers.

2. The shocking headline approach – If those special notice headlines do not work for you, you can try “amping” up your impact by using a shocking headline. Now, you should not lie of course, but you can exaggerate a bit and raise the stakes of your sticker content by making the headline sound very shocking.

Sticker headlines like “Badass Baby” or something similar that is funny but equally shocking is of course part of this category. The more shocking it is, the better of course. As long as you emphasize the shock and significance of such a statement, this will work well in getting that extra attention for your stickers.

3. The mysterious statement – Now, you can also go for a lighter approach to these stickers. Using a mysterious statement for example is a great approach to get people to actually read more of your stickers or at last more of its content. Since people like solving mysteries you can take advantage of that natural curiosity and just highly encourage people to start reading the whole content of your custom stickers.

Of course, you will need to compose something that is really of interest. For example, you can tease them about a certain secret that only a few experts actually know about. Or maybe you can just dare them to find out more by responding to the sticker’s message. Whatever the case, as long as that air of mystery is there, you can in fact get more people responding to these kinds of prints.

4. Effective power words – Besides those words of “attention” discussed above, another type of sticker headline that is short and effective are those special types of power words. There are many powerful words in the English language and if you can invoke one with all its effects in your stickers, you can have an opportunity to make a real impact on readers.

Words like “Love”, “Money”, “Discount”, “Save” or even “Discover” all will help your stickers get the right kind of readers for them. Specific readers respond to power words like this, so if you just choose the right one for your market, these power words can really be beneficial in terms of response rates to your stickers.

5. That sense of urgency – Lastly, you can add that sense of urgency to your sticker message so that people will actually respond a lot quicker to the sticker message. By telling them about a deadline or maybe a prerequisite to stop with the sticker offer you can cause people to already make a decision. So if you can deal with the influx of people very very quickly, then you should try out this type of headlines that encourage people to be quick and fast with the responses.

Great! Why don’t you try out some of these great styles in your sticker headlines. Believe me these will really work wonders in terms of the impact of your stickers. Good Luck!