Best credit card for everyday spending?

By | October 5, 2011

When they were first introduced, credit cards were often reserved for high value purchases that consumers may not have carried sufficient cash to pay for. However, changing times and the need for greater convenience in many aspects of life have seen credit cards being increasingly used for more modest purchases.

Credit cards can be invaluable if you’re strapped for cash or far from an ATM, so it’s perhaps no surprise to see more Brits using their cards to pay for everyday items like food and tickets for travel. Recent research carried out by a price comparison website revealed that as many as 35 per cent of British people now use their credit cards for everyday purchases, mostly in the final week prior to payday. However, around one in ten respondents stated that they use their credit cards less than 15 days after being paid, with the hope of paying off the balance over the next month.

If you’re one of the many people now using your credit card to pay for everyday necessities – before making sure to clear your balance in full by the end of the month – you will naturally need to investigate your options and make sure your current credit card is best suited to your spending habits.

Looking for credit cards that operate reward schemes can be a great way of maximising your benefits, as you could receive financial or alternative rewards for making multiple purchases with the same card or at the same store. Every little helps when collecting reward points, meaning that even minor credit card purchases of food and drink could soon add up to big rewards.

Many people are attracted to credit cards that include zero per cent interest on purchases for periods up to 12 or 15 months, which can take the stress out of making everyday transactions. If you’re worried about your credit rating, you can also receive help when apply for credit building cards to help you establish a better credit score through frequent use of your card.

More people are now using their credit cards to pay for essential utilities such as their gas and electricity bills too, and could benefit from investigating credit card companies that offer incentives or discounts for their respective fuel company. With some credit card companies operating reward schemes with up to 30,000 retailers, it can really pay to explore your options when looking for a versatile credit card to carry out your everyday purchases.

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