Botox – Not Just For Women

By | October 10, 2011

Botox is not just for women anymore. Men above the age of 30 are using these injections to remove creases from their foreheads, treat hyperhydrosis , enlarged prostrate or other related issues.

Botox injections which are used as cosmetics aids by matured women are now increasingly becoming a part of men’s beauty routine. Botox is not just for women anymore. Men above the age of 30 are using these injections to remove creases from their foreheads, treat hyperhydrosis, enlarged prostrate or other related issues. Botox has long been used by women to make their faces free of wrinkles and thus make it appear more youthful. These injections have become very common yet they still attract a lot of criticism such as making the face expressionless or frozen. Notwithstanding these negative reviews, Botox has made great inroads into a man’s grooming regime.

Used by men

The reason for men to use Botox has been to basically get rid of the vertical lines between the eyebrows. It is also used to remove the horizontal lines on the forehead and the lines at the outer edges of the eyes which deepen on smiling. All these procedures make the face appear younger and fresh.

But Botox has a great importance medically as well. Those who suffer from twitches or involuntary muscle spasm can benefit with the use of Botox. Men suffering from migrane have also been reported to have benefited from the administration of Botox.

The other common use of Botox is to prevent hyperhydrosis or excessive sweating. Some people suffer from this problem which can prevent them from working in close proximity of others because of odours and general bad appearance. Too much sweating can lead to personal discomfort as well.

The least common use of Botox is as a treatment for enlarged prostrate. An increase in size of this gland can result in many difficulties such as increase the frequency of urination which often becomes a rather painful process as well. Most aging men undergo an increase in the size of the prostrate gland as a natural phenomenon but when this causes problems in daily life then treatment becomes necessary. There are many drugs available in the market which effectively treats this medical condition but can also sometimes cause impotency and other problems. Botox on the other hand effectively treats the issue.

What is Botox?

Botox or botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin of Clostridium botulinum bacteria which is sold under the trade name of Azzalure, Vistabel and Dysport. It is manufactured by Allergan. It does not allow the release of the local neurotransmitter where it has been applied thus relaxing the muscle. It also helps in lessening the activity of the sweat glands in the area.

What does it achieve?

Botox is injected in the muscle with the help of a small needle. The complete effect of the muscle relaxation occurs about 2 to 5 days after the administration of the injection and within a fortnight the maximum effect is witnessed. But this process is not permanent and hence a repeat of the process may be required after about 4 months. It has been noticed that the gap of repeat Botox application increases with continued treatment. Since Botox acts directly on the muscle, men require a higher dose than women because they have greater muscle mass than the latter.

Treatment procedure

Application of Botox is a medical procedure and a trained medical professional must administer the injection. It is important to discuss certain important details with the doctor. The medical history of the person undergoing treatment with Botox must be given in detail to the doctor. Certain diseases or conditions may not be favourable for such a treatment. The doctor also decides on the amount of dose required. Too much Botox will result in immobility of the entire muscle as well as other problems which may totally go against the reason for which the treatment was done in the first place.

It is important to allow the doctor to see you after a couple of weeks so that he can judge the exact amount needed for subsequent application. It is important to be totally aware of what is required and what is to be expected from the procedure to minimize any complications later.

The procedure of Botox treatment is very easy and quick. After the preliminary discussions have taken place and the correct dosage has been decided upon, a simple pin prick is all that is required. This procedure can be completed within minutes and in most cases the patient can return to his active normal life. Many men have Botox treatment during lunch hours. Application of a little bit of foundation can hide the pin prick if it is evident.

Botox is a temporary procedure and has been used by women, especially of the glamour world for a very long time. But men are increasingly using this. There are certain aspects of Botox that men seem to be wary of. Even though they want the lines and wrinkles to reduce they do not want them to completely disappear. Men do not want others to realize that they have taken medical help to appear youthful. Men also appear to be more apprehensive of the pain that they might have to endure during the procedure.

What are the precautions?

But before you go in for Botox it is important to remember some important facts. A qualified and well known person needs to be given the responsibility of administering the injection because the correct dosage is extremely important. Too much dosage can result in hooded eyelids, headache, pain and bruise in the area where the injection was administered. Feeling of heaviness in the forehead and rising of one eyebrow are some of the other difficulties that one may face.
But one of the worst cases is the use of bootleg Botox. This is the Botox that is applied to animals in the laboratory for testing. These are obtained cheap and so unscrupulous people dilute these to use it on men which can result in serious consequences.


The best way to appear young and jovial is to use Botox from registered agents and doctors who have considerable goodwill and experience in such treatment. Botox is an easy, quick and safe method of regaining and retaining youth and vitality among men.