Brighten Your House with Designer Lighting

By | October 6, 2011

Apart from designer furniture, lighting is a very important part in setting the mood of a room.

Apart from designer furniture, lighting is a very important part in setting the mood of a room. It also helps make the room livelier, therefore when decorating or setting up a room, designer lighting should be the first thing to consider. This is because it would be difficult to install the lighting (which was not planned for initially) after you have done everything and installed the designer furniture. It is important to make arrangements for your furniture in advance to avoid disappointments later. Therefore you should consult early enough with your furniture designers so that the furniture you put in goes with your plans of lighting.

When considering designer lighting the first thing you can do to add more light to your room is to avoid clutter. Put in only enough designer sofas that are necessary in the living room setting. Avoid squeezing too much furniture in one small place, this also goes for art. Just have a small number that will be sufficient for the room. Putting too many things in one room will make the room appear small, too busy and darker. Therefore, choosing which designer furniture to put in your house is the key when installing designer lighting.

Another great tip when you want to brighten your house is to use more white. Even if you do not want to have white as your theme color you can have hints of it in bits in different places all over the room, on some of the designer furniture or on the walls to brighten up the room. You can also put the white in the shelves or moldings around the room or have lamp shades that are white in color. Fluorescent bulbs offer more white and natural lighting therefore are very ideal when you want to brighten your house, but still keep the natural feel to it. You can also input more contemporary furniture that adds a brighter feel to the whole setting.

As much as you are considering artificial lighting it is always good to let in the sun. This can be done by putting in big windows, or sheer blinds that will allow light to fill the room during the day. It is also a clever idea to install mirrors around the room or in furniture in strategic areas where they will reflect the light. You can consult with furniture designers on this so that you have the maximum natural light coming in. Having more natural light is good since it will add more positive energy to the room and make it livelier.

If you decide to use sky lights as your choice of designer lighting to brighten your home then you should really plan and consider all the factors. This is because sky lights have advantages and disadvantages. The light will be good and the room will be brighter but there is also added warmth coming with it therefore in the hot season such as summer it could be a bother. To take care of this you can include shades that can be used to cover the skylights when it is too hot or when you just don’t need the extra light.