British Furniture Becomes World Famous

By | February 14, 2012

Recently in the furniture world there has been a huge interest in oak furniture.

Recently in the furniture world there has been a huge interest in oak furniture. For many people the words will conjure up images of varnished neat cabinets and nests of tables from parents houses many years ago but the oak furniture that is now proving to be so popular is completely different. This may be because there has been a design over haul or the fact that people are looking to invest their money in furniture that will last them a lifetime.

British furniture designers are overhauling classic designs and are instead making furniture chunky and cool with a rustic edge. Yet the pieces are not designed to be fashion items but hard wearing long lasting quality pieces of furniture that will last a lifetime.

The oak tree is affectionately referred to as “Queen of the Forest” which goes some way to describe the superior quality the tree and its timber has over the others in the forest. The oak tree is renowned for its strength and durability making it the perfect material to build furniture for a busy family home from. Furniture built from solid oak can withstand the wear and tear of every day life meaning that you don’t have to worry about replacing or fixing it.

If anything does happen to your piece of furniture though the very best UK manufacturers are offering 15 year guarantees. This indicates just how confident they are in both their workmanship and the quality of the products. Being so reliable and sturdy oak furniture is something to invest in which you can pass down to your children and their children after that, it really is an investment item.

The oak furniture being produced today will look perfect in every style of home. For more traditional homes the oak furniture still retains a rustic charm due to the thick chunky beams and planks it is made from. While for more modern homes the oak furniture has thick clean lines which look neat and uncluttered just the way modern homes want their furniture to look.

The oak furniture industry has also taken on board the public’s worries about recycling and being eco-friendly. Determined to not be wasteful and cut down trees for the sake of it the furniture producers are doing all they can to be kind to the planet. Often they produce furniture from reclaimed wooden beams and planks from old barns, mills and shipyards. This is not only recycling at the highest degree but a fantastic design strategy as well. Each reclaimed piece of wood has a completely individual look which can not be copied. Flaws and marks inflicted onto the wood during their working life become beautiful focal points on each piece of furniture.

Using reclaimed wood to create the pieces of furniture also give it a wonderful sense of history and character that a flat pack piece of furniture would never be able to recreate. Wondering what the beams in your dining room table were used for before is a wonderful game for both adults and children alike.

Yet the most important thing about handmade oak furniture is the fact you know you are buying an investment piece which has been built with love and respect to make it as perfect as it can be. With a 15 year guarantee on top there is one less thing to worry about then getting a drawer fixed or the wardrobe door back on. With solid oak furniture all of that is taken care as they are built to last you a lifetime and be passed on to the next generation for them to enjoy and use them all over again.