Buy bargain flights to Kathmandu and a helicopter ride over the Himalayas

By | September 30, 2011

A vacation in Nepal is interesting as well as satisfying because of the fact that you get more by paying less. Nepal is one destination, where you can enjoy innumerable fun at a very less price. There are many exciting tour guides available that you can avail for a fun filled holiday in Nepal. The country possesses some immensely beautiful mountain ranges and scenic countryside, the view of which makes your vacation a dream come true. The option of boarding Bargain Flights to Kathmandu acts as an added advantage for your trip. Lately, there are many new airways that are offering Cheap Flights to Kathmandu via several connecting destinations, which are available from most cities across globe. With these flights, you can reach your holiday destination at a price that would definitely suit your pocket.

Nepal, being a land of scenic beauty, has many beautiful ranges and peaks. Though most of them are accessible via road, some such view can be clearly enjoyed via helicopter tours. Nepal serves tourists with affordable helicopter services, which takes you to the rare locations that make you enthralled by its beauty and tranquility. These locations include several religious spots at high altitudes of over 5400 meters. Damodar Kund and Muktinath shrine are some such destinations that you can tour via helicopter. The best part of these helicopter tours is that it saves a lot of time. So, for those who have less time to enjoy all the fun in Nepal, these helicopter tours are the best way to see Nepal in totality. Moreover, for people who can’t take road journeys or trek to these destinations, helicopter tours come as a great relief. These guided mountain helicopter tours suit all categories of travelers and mesmerizes you with panoramic view of the Himalayas in just few hour’s time. The valley of Kathmandu has many beautiful ancient cities, temples and monasteries that every tourists love to see. The valley offers pleasure as well as adventure unlimited.

The sheer promise of adventure gets tourists attracted to Nepal. In addition, the friendly and open nature of native Nepali people adds more fun to your holidays. For all this and more you must look for a deal that offers cheap flights to Kathmandu so that you can fulfill your dream of visiting the mighty Himalayas. There are several bargain flights to Kathmandu, which will help you in smooth landing in Nepal for a fabulous holiday. So, pack your bags now and get ready to enjoy the wonders of nature in Nepal.