chain slings

By | October 4, 2011

There is an increasing amount of focus which is being given to the safety of the personnel and hence chain slings, checking is becoming common among organisations, involved in the business of lifting equipments, machineries and other apparatus.  So what are these slings?  They are the apparatus which are being used to handle the materials being lifted.  They are like the hooks which cling on to the lifted item and secure a smooth lifting of the item.  How could chain slings affect the security of the personnel?  That is the question that might be cropping up in your mind.  Basically, if these slings are not of the highest quality or are in sub standard condition, due to overuse or any other reason, they could malfunction.  Their malfunction would mean that the item, being lifted, could fall off the hook.  Chain slings assure that such mishap does not happen.


If these chain slings malfunction, in the manner mentioned above, and the item/s fall down, then there are chances of heavy losses.  The one thing that you are certain about is that the item is going to completely lose its shape.  The loss of property is another risk associated with the malfunction.  However, the bigger risk with this malfunction is that of loss to the personnel or the people who are moving around below the activity.  This malfunction of chain slings could mean that the people below could lose their lives or be seriously injured, to the extent of losing some of their organs.  The same could be the fate of the personnel too.  In fact, the personnel are at a higher risk because of such sling mishap as they are the ones who are generally around the activity.  Hence, chain slings malfunction is something which has to be avoided.


Because of such risk of chain slings malfunction, the security check of this apparatus and regular servicing of the same becomes imperative.  Now, these chains are a strong lifting option because of the alloy steel which is used in manufacturing them.  However, these slings are known to have little shock absorbing flexibility and hence present chances of the slings snapping.  A malfunction becomes unavoidable in case such snapping happens.  There are evident signs of wear that one can find with these chain slings.  An eye for the same and meticulous evaluation could help one avoid any possibility of a mishap.  These slings also have their level of compatibility and they do not reflect proper compatibility with certain lifting equipments.  Hence, while using these slings; you should make sure that these slings are not being used with non compatible apparatus.  All this will secure a full security affair with chain slings.