Chip tuning: more horsepower for less money.

By | January 5, 2012

Chiptuning what is it really, and what does chip tuning with it?
And why would you when buying a new (diesel) cars more money, for less money if you can get more horsepower. If you have electronic controlled injection and ignition, also called engine management remapping is possible. The management there is any information of the engine inside. The computer displays based on the measured data, the injection and the turbo assignments.

In the (diesel) engine sitting in various places transmitters send information to management. Through remapping will be here in action. The computer uses software that the manufacturer has introduced at direction. The program determines the amount of fuel must be injected and at what time. With that software you are remapping influence. Or from one chip tuning rewrites the program by replacing a chip.

Chip tuning and power box.
When the data that is sent to management stations ‘falsify’, speaks of a power box. That in no time between the transmitters and the management is plugged. This power box sends ‘wrong’ data to management. If the boost is actually 1.0, the computer received information saying that the boost pressure at that time only 0.6 bar. This method of remapping the computer from 1.4 bar laadruk order that the waste gate to open the turbo.

Chiptuning gives the best results for (gasoline or diesel) engines with turbo-charger compressor or G. Chip tuning gives a performance improvement as, n 20 to 40%, so more torque and more power. For naturally aspirated engines, the gain about 6 to 8%. This allows the car quicker acceleration and top speed is increased. Chiptuning and unchanged after driving is a feasible fuel because the engine efficiency is increased. The engine is chip tuning anyway alive and reacts quickly to throttle movements.

The lifetime of the (diesel) engine is responsible for remapping not shortened. But keep in mind several things that you must adapt. Take a 90hp TDI engine and 110 hp respectively. Both engines look visually the same computer, but there are certainly differences in turbo – oil cooler – oil pump and intercooler. But it must be said that a decent engine manufacturers (mechanical) Install safety margin.

Age or mileage of the (diesel) engine allows for chip tuning basically nothing. Faults are very rare. The engine should then be driven carefully heat. On the electronics after remapping the outside is nothing special to see and with a diagnostic device to the dealer, the modified software does not recognize. But the power and torque of course after chip tuning is measured on a dynamometer.

There are several ways:

  1. chiptuning;
    This affects the software, the program is rewritten by replacing a chip. Here are the programs that are optimized according to many parameters (measured values) vormen.De the engine parameters are re-tuning chip but more ideally matched.
  2. Powerbox tuning;
    The power box is a remote computer between the computer and the factory fuel pump, and sends “wrong” information to the existing chip, in order to influence him. A power box is easy to install and possibly the power box on into the next car with same engine type. On most Japanese cars can not be applied to chip tuning.

    Japanese do not use memory chips to processors but not to be shared. Chip tuning is not possible, you can set up high from Powerbox. The only disadvantage is that the bottom provides more power but more torque curve does not
    and usually much soot emissions.

  3. OBD tuning:
    (On Board Diagnosis) Here are the details of the engine read through the fault diagnostic connector and subsequently amended. in OBD does not solder to pass. When the original chip chiptuning should be replaced by another. OBD tuning is easier to do.

Call always with a Performance Chips company before you consider, or look good on the website of a company or there are also reports of satisfied customers and their driving experience. Do not always just at the promised price and horsepower. But look at the experience of chip tuning company and whether its warranties and after service. It is not a guarantee but an experience is worth no experience.