Companies To Keep Your Eye On. How Several Small Businesses Stepped Up Above The Competition To Stand Out In A Strained Economy.

By | October 11, 2011

Westchester County, NY. For those of you not knowing, this is the county in NY that rests just above NYC; affluent in every respect – its home to the rich and celebrated. But was also hit especially hard during the trying economy. Westchester saw many businesses struggle and many more close. New construction and renovation projects had nearly ended .

This episode introduces us to ATM Mirror and Glass in Westchester County, NY. This seemingly average glass company took even the largest companies by surprise with their foresight and innovation in a tense economy. This was one of our preferred stories.

We were familiarized to ATM Mirror and Glass, by one of our colleagues from American Architecture, Amelia Danshard. Amelia expressed, “You have to check out this glass company in northern Westchester, their name is all over the place- they appear to be doing great and they are a smaller company in a swamped market”. What she meant by “all over the place” was literally an understatement. Here is on the face of it humble “local”glass company was appearing in Dwell Magazine, LX.TV, and various trade publications. Representatives from ATM Glass were hob-nobbing with their industries’ leaders on a national level, appeared in global trade publications and even were put forward for their industries highest recognition, a crystal achievement award. So how did this small company get so big across the board? Especially in a economy that would nearly eliminate their services for higher end architectural glass work.
Davina Wright, CEO of Creative Glassworks states, “ATM Glass is a wonderful company with many pluses their competitors just did not have vision to seek; they’ve made some strategic moves at the right time that really had them spring ahead from fundamentally all competition. They bought a great deal of machinery, just as the larger national companies would, allowing them to create a high end product at a fraction of the cost- therefore providing clients a better quality product at a much greater savings. Their company president, James, is unrivaled in customer care and dedication. There isn’t a single company in their market area that puts out an equivalent ware with continuously decent customer service”
Davina further contributes that she was taken with ATM Glass almost immediately; social networking put ATM Glass in contact with many of the architectural glass industry’s largest and most influential firms, “ATM just fell into place with the right people. They do offer an impressive product and Jim (the President) has put the right people in place”. Davina even took it a stride further. “Generally my publications concentrate is on larger business firms, but I just had to see how ATM Glass would stand up- I became friendly with them and needed to put them to the test” she adds jokingly. But she did. Davina put forward photos of ATM Mirror and Glass’s finished works in the categories of: frameless shower door and architectural glass to her publication. She also nominated them for “best customer service”. “The best customer service is a little tricky because we set up a control board of callers who telephone 10 featured companies in a particular market, being as we are glass professionals we ask key questions- mimicking a homeowner” In addition, they too have this said panel conduct an anonymous opinion poll to residents in the lower Hudson Valley asking questions about who they had used for glass, who had the most favored website, who presented a desirable project in glass and whatnot –ATM Glass came out on top with ease. And wouldn’t you know, ATM Glass won all three category positions for the readers’ choice awards in Creative Glassworks. “It was an spectacular win for a smaller company, but they really aren’t as small as they may seem. Put them up against anyone in the Hudson Valley and they shine. They run a big operation in a smaller place. This is what helps them succeed. I was thrilled to see them win, actually all of the bigger companies were- it was a genuine win for the little guy especially in a difficult market.” To see what sets ATM Glass apart from their local contenders visit their website at: