Concealing Handgun Safes

By | September 26, 2011

Handgun safes are protective storage containers for firearms and ammunition.

Handgun safes are protective storage containers for firearms and ammunition. They give security from unwanted intrusion. Home safes are mainly used to prevent any access to unqualified and unauthorized persons, for protection from burglary, and, in home safes with more capabilities, to protect your property from damage during a natural disaster, flood or fire. Sometimes, you can have a permit and license for your handgun but you still require a secure place to put it in your home. Purchasing handgun safes for your security is the first step, but you also need to think about where you will install the home safes. For extra security, keep your handgun safes in a location that will make it harder for intruders and children to find it.

Buy handgun safes that will be a perfect fit for your requirements, and more significantly, one that will fit the gun that you have. There are very many choices to choose from when it comes to handgun safes. Some home safes even give particular features to disguise them like camouflage to aid the safe in blending into the surroundings or the capability to fit the safe straight into a wall that was there previously.

Select a place to install your handgun safes. Choose a location that you can access easily in case of an emergency. It should also be hidden from plain view. You can install the home safes inside a closet or hide it behind your clothes. Another option is to install the handgun safes behind some furniture that you can push to the side easily in case of an emergency.

Make use of a stud finder to position a stud in your wall. Depending on the weight and size of your home safes, you may be required to position several studs. It is good to mark the position of the studs with a pen or pencil for easy reference. Next, make a hole in the wall using a suitable tool to avoid wall breakages. The exact size will depend on the size of your home gun vault, but it will generally have to be big enough for you to put the home safe into the cavity of your wall.

Get good quality gun safes in order to ensure the required security of your gun. Follow the instructions that come with your handgun safes for exact installation directions. These directions will differ depending on the brand, size and style of the home safes you have purchased.

Be sure to make the edges of the wall surrounding your safe smooth after installing the handgun safes. This will put additional camouflage to your project, and make your home safes look like a part of your wall instead of looking like something that you added later on. Finally, cover up the front part of the home safes with a painting, wall frame or a piece of furniture to further conceal it. After doing all this, you can be assured that the security for your gun is very tight.

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