crane ropes

By | October 4, 2011

Crane ropes are assuming an important position in the hierarchy of instruments with a lifting company.  One of the reasons for their importance is the amazing amount of weight that they lift during jobs when heavy items and even machinery has to be relocated.  However, because of the same capacity of lifting heavy weight; they become equally risk bound as well.  Given that such heavy weight is being lifted by these crane ropes, a mistake, either human or technical; and a large amount of loss could be foreseen.  This loss would include both loss of labour as well as loss of property.  In other words, you have to make sure that these ropes are in the best shape and there are no problems with the same.  It is because of this relevance that in today’s world, crane ropes have assumed an extremely significant position in the lifting industry.


Now, when you are planning to check your crane ropes; there are certain points that you should keep in mind.  Firstly, you should make sure that this security check is happening on a regular basis.  Generally speaking, ‘regularly’ is quite a vague term being used in the market today.  Therefore, to be precise, three to six months should be the ideal time in which a security check of these crane ropes should be carried out.  Such security check would mean that you are assuring that these ropes are in top class condition.  Now, one might feel that such security check might be a very simple job to consummate, given that the check is being performed on ropes.  However, these are not simple ropes which could be checked for their coherence by a cursory glance.  The security check of these crane ropes has to be much more extensively and dedicatedly performed.


The first thing to check for in crane ropes is the coherence of the rope.  By this, we mean that you should carefully evaluate if the rope is in the best condition.  You should not be able to find any breakages in the continuity of the material used with the rope.  There should also be no marks of wear and tear.  If there are any marks of wear and tear then you should consider discarding the crane ropes and buying new ones for your requirement.  This is because such wear and tear could lead to problems while carrying heavy weight.  There are also machines which are available to make sure that the ropes are in the best condition.  Such machines will be helpful in detecting those problems which don’t face the naked eye.  Hence, presented here was a brief overview about the relevance and security checking procedure of crane ropes.