Create A Website For Your Business

By | September 20, 2011

Do you own a business? Well, you might want to create a web site for your business. To do that, you will usually need a web designer. What kind of web designer do you want to get? Do you want to get a local one or some freelancer from far away? Remember, the choice is yours. Each choice has pluses and minuses. You have to be the judge of this. Be thankful that you have such choices.

Let’s talk about hiring a freelancer from afar. If you want to save money, this is a great choice. You can hire some cheap Third World freelancer and they can even do a very good job sometimes. You don’t even need to meet them face to face. You just communicate by email or by telephone. They can finish your web site and update it regularly without even needing to come to your country. The customer will never know.

There are some downsides to hiring a freelancer from far away. It will take longer for you two to get things going. Since you do not personally supervise their work, it may take longer to create a good web site. They may make a mistake. They you have to phone them. They can correct the mistake. But then, what if what you wanted is not good for your sales? All kinds of complications can occur.

The more reliable alternative is hiring a local web designer. It is much better if your web designer can work in your office for example. You will be able to fix things much quicker. They will give you advice immediately. Plus, you can always check their portfolio and see if you like something from there.

If you choose something from their portfolio, that means that they will do it faster and easier, since they have probably already done it many times.

If you want to save money on your web site, you can always hire a freelancer from the Third World. They aren’t usually expensive. They can do the job from wherever they want. They can also regularly update your web site with no trouble. All of this can happen without the two of you ever meeting in person. The best thing about this is that your customer won’t know anything just by looking at the web site.

Here is the downside to hiring someone that’s far away. If you hire someone that isn’t from your country, then you will not be able to see and directly communicate with them. It’s simply different. When they are somewhere else, you may have to phone them all the time to tell them that you didn’t like this and that. All of that might take a lot more time. One mistake may produce another one. A lot of time is lost.

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