Creative and Unique Ideas in Direct Mail Marketing

By | September 25, 2011

Oftentimes, direct mail materials end up in the trash. They are not read and simply thrown away in the belief that they are just another junk mail.

Oftentimes, direct mail materials end up in the trash. They are not read and simply thrown away in the belief that they are just another junk mail. This is why it is crucial that your direct mail piece stands out. You need to come up with unique and interesting materials that will entice readers to open and read what is inside. Here are ways to boost the effectiveness of your direct mail pieces:

– When you make a promise to your customers and prospects, make sure to deliver on that promise. If you can’t keep it, don’t make it, in the first place.
– Create uniquely shaped materials. Use die cut printing to give them an eye-catching and out of the box look.
– Include a coupon. It can be a tear-out or perforated portion which will make it easy for people to take the coupon if it included in your brochure or catalog.
– When you ask a question, be sure to provide a simple solution. Don’t make it any harder for your customers to get the solution they seek.
– Provide something for free. Highlight it in your material so it will be seen and taken advantage of at once.
– Include a picture of yourself so people will easily remember you.
– Write notes in your materials before distributing it to give it a personal appeal.
– Aside from testimonials, you can also include success stories.
– Restate your offer all throughout the material. There’s nothing wrong with repeating your offer especially at the end of your material.
– If you include images, be sure to include captions.
– Compile a good mailing list. This will help you target the right customers.
– Consistently update your list to keep the uninterested customers out of the list. This will save you a lot of time and money.
– It would help to test different offers and copies so you can come up with the ideal material perfect for your campaign.
– Use catchy graphics and images not only inside your direct mail pieces but on the envelope as well. This will make your material more eye-catching and interesting.
– Measure the result. You can write codes on every material you send out to determine the rate of response.
– Be sure to mail consistently. Direct mail is not meant for one time mailing. You need to send them frequently in order to get good results.
– Look for a good printer. If you want unique materials, there are plenty of die cut printing services out there that can help you with your design.
– Use color printing. This will make your materials catchy. Be sure to pick the right colors that fit your business image and the message you want to convey.
– There should be enough white space in your design. This will help make your material look clean, professional, and legible.
– Print on both sides especially when you are creating postcards. This will help you include as much information as you want.
– Create a strong call to action. Excite your customers by providing your offerings for a limited time only. This will create a sense of urgency which will encourage them to act at once.

These are easy and simple tips you can do to your direct mail pieces. They won’t take a lot of time and money. Take advantage of them today so can effectively increase customer response.