Creative Direct Mail Marketing Tips

By | September 20, 2011

For years, direct mail marketing has proven its importance to the business world.

For years, direct mail marketing has proven its importance to the business world. It has made communication much easier and affordable. But with every other businesses using direct mail as part of their marketing program, how do you distinguish your business and the products or services you offer from them?

Use your creativity

There are actually plenty of strategies you can do, but all of them will boil down to one concept: creativity. Whatever direct mail material you use, it is important that you showcase your creativity. People are always attracted first to materials that are unique. If a material is new and fresh to their eyes, they will almost pick it up first. This is why it is important that your direct mail pieces are designed uniquely and creatively.

Here are creative and unique ways to help make your direct mail pieces stand out:

1- Include coupons. Instead of simply printing the coupon at the back of your postcard or inside your brochure, why not print it on a Post-it. This will encourage the recipients to stick the coupon on their desk, bulletin board, or fridge where it will be seen regularly. When they want to use the coupon, they simply have to take the post-it and bring it to your store.

There are online printing companies that will help you create your Post-it coupon. Find a good one that doesn’t cost a lot but will give the best print job.

2- Offer something free. People can’t say no to a free offering. You can always include a free item, information, or service to customers who will purchase from your store. The free item can also be giveaway to everyone who will come to your store. Even if they don’t buy, the free item will serve as a reminder of your business.

3- Instead of testimonials, include a case study or success story in your direct mail pieces. This will help convince your prospects that what you are saying is true. Some would even call you to ask about the study or the story. That is a good way to draw in new customers to your business.

4- Use catchy images. It can be a funny, informative, or realistic image. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. If you can make one image say a thousand of things about you and your business, you can easily draw people to your business. Of course, the image has to be high quality so it will look good in your material.

5- Distribute samples. Why not include a sample in every direct mail you send out. This will encourage customers to keep or use the sample, and if they are satisfied, they might just call you and purchase your offering.

6- Put something unusual in the envelope. It can be a “Do not open” sign. This will stir the curiosity of the recipient and quickly open the envelope. You can also put slogans or teaser on the envelope which will encourage the recipient to open it to read the entire message.

A creative mind is sure to come up with out of the box marketing ideas. If your aren’t one of those creative people, you can always ask the professional help of graphic designers and printing services to help you with your direct mail pieces.