Critical Overview On Human Resource Management System

By | February 12, 2012

It is an imperative for any business to have a usable and up to date human resource management system (HRMS) or (HRIS) Human resource information system. The HRMS involves the process of HR activities between the human resource management and the information technology. Any business entrepreneur must have the knowledge and information about their business and the resources that are available to any business decides the fate of that company. However innovative researches and advancement of technology has brought a revolutionized idea with the management system for human resources. The human resource software was introduced and the impact was largely felt among all the business houses as well as entrepreneurs.

The human resource management software deals as well as manages the complete profile of each and every employee in an organization. This software is widely used in large companies where they need to maintain details of a huge number of employees and also various processes of HR. previously a HR team of any organization used to carry out multiple work process manually. But, the increasing number of employees, data and introduction of new methods made it difficult for them to carry out the total process manually and they required an automated solution. The HRMS solution brought in a lot of changes in the entire system of the management system.

The HR management software helps in integrating the human resource and information technology hat in turn helps in the planning and implementation of an automated human resource process. The HR software is an essential part of the ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning application that makes it feasible for the other financial modules to get integrated with the HR software as well. The human resources software became quite popular after it showed that the costs and employees are related to each other directly or indirectly and is a noteworthy monetary outflow for the business.  

The human resource management software helps in the management and administration of minimizing costs along with reducing the complex human problems ad their performances. Some of the most important features of human resource management software include:

  • The attendance management – this system has an integrated time collection tools that helps in gathering all the information about the employees work hours that will help in calculating the cost to company.
  • Management of salary and compensation – this system uses the data of employees working hours as well as their attendances in order to calculate the payroll for every month. This module also includes taxes and deductions.
  • Human resource management – this system collect information of employee skill sets, personal data, location and any other relevant information that may help in the business process someway.  

Benefits management – This system calculates the additional allowances as well as benefits that are provided to the employees. These are details like pension plans and insurances or medical benefits.