Cruise the Nile

By | September 22, 2011

Ancient Egypt has long been considered an astonishing and magical place, and travellers from all over the world have made a point of visiting and seeing the wonders of the ancient world. If you’re thinking of checking out the pyramids on your next holiday, take a Nile River cruise and get the best of everything in Egypt.

Start planning your adventure by doing some research about the different tour operators and types of cruises you can take. Consider your budget and how long you’d like to be away for, and look for a cruise holiday that can meet your needs. Do some research about the tour operator and speak to any friends or family who have been on similar holidays.

Make sure you’ve taken the time to choose a reputable tour operator who can ensure your safety on and off the boat. Speak to your travel agent or phone the cruise provider directly and speak to them about the cruise, and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. Particularly when you’re travelling to foreign destinations, it’s important to feel confident while you’re out exploring and spending time on the boat.

Once you’ve settled on the cruise you’ll be taking, read up on Egyptian history to help get yourself excited. Many of the landmarks you’ll visit on holiday are shrouded in mystery and have interesting and thought-provoking legends attached to them; understanding these beforehand will help you appreciate each stop on your cruise. Immerse yourself in stories of the ancient pharaohs and the magnificent cities they built, or the legends of the mummies and the treasure hiding deep in the tombs.

The climate in Egypt is known for being scorching hot, so pack your suitcase carefully before you leave home. Look for lightweight clothing that covers your arms and legs. The sun in Egypt can be extremely hot during the day, so even though the weather is warm you want to keep as much of your body covered up as possible to avoid getting burned. Pack extra sunscreen and bring a wide-brimmed hat to protect your head while you’re out in the sun.

It’s also a good idea to do some research on your destination and learn some useful Egyptian Arabic phrases that you might need when you’re exploring to help you communicate more effectively. Make sure you have money in the local currency and wear practical comfortable clothing so that you can make the most of each day you’re out exploring.

One of the advantages of taking a Nile cruise to explore Egypt is that your home will move with you as you travel around the country. Each stop along the way will put you at the foot of some of the most celebrated wonders of the world. At the end of the day you can unwind on the boat and enjoy the amenities, and the next morning you’ll be rested and ready to go as you get out and explore the wonders of the Nile.