Defensive Driving Defensive Driving Tips

By | January 5, 2012

Defensive driving is a sequence of easy and straightforward techniques that allows you to expect possible hazards and gives you a plan for dealing with them. There are various defensive driving tips you can learn from defensive driving schools or even on internet. The one simple tip is to always drive attentively. It is also essential for you to obey the traffic laws. Being a responsible driver always react quickly to avoid accidents. You can avoid accident by staying out large vehicles especially trucks and tankers. It is also very useful to take extra care at intersections. It is also important to always prepare yourself to stop you vehicle suddenly to prevent the collisions. A very important defensive driving tip is to communicate your interactions with other drivers by giving signals early, signal constantly and cancel your signal after taking the move. Always give your car indicators before changing your lanes. It is calculated that 10% of accidents are caused by less between the vehicles so always keep a distance from other vehicles. If your road and weather conditions are not good always increase the distance from other vehicle.

Driving while night time is really dangerous and it is calculated that it causes four time higher death rates than daytime. At night times it is recommended to you to leave wider spaces between you and other vehicles. If there is any fog or smoke in road, turn on your fog lights and low beam headlights to watch clearly on the roads. Fogs lights helps you a lot in fog. While diving in rain it is important to know that at the start of rain roads are usually slippery so always drive slowly. Heavy rain is also the main problem while driving because you can not see clearly outside and may be your vehicle tires can begin to hydroplane so drive slowly in these conditions and turn on the double indicators. The special skills are needed for driving in snow and ice. If your brakes are anti lock use them firmly otherwise avoid using ordinary brakes, only use them when you are about to hit something. The most important tip is to always maintain your vehicle. Always check the fluids of your vehicle weekly. The important defensive driving tip is to use seat belts and also child safety seats to prevent any bad situation.

The other important defensive driving tip is to avoid distractions. While you are driving don’t need to read or write anything. While driving use headphones and Bluetooth to answer the calls. If you feel tired or sleepy while driving it is necessary for you to take a break from driving by park the car on the road side. Never overtake your vehicle when you are on curves, narrow roads, bridges, near schools, hospitals and factory gates. By following these defensive driving tips you can rescue from many accidental situations. Defensive driving tips are basically for safety of your life. In many countries there are various defensive driving courses are available which you can take and polished your skills