Does dental insurance cover private dental treatment?

By | October 11, 2011

From basic dental treatments to more complicated procedures, such as root canals, crowns, implants or any cosmetic dental procedure, many people choose to seek private dental care. Others choose to go to a private dental practice because it happens to be in a more convenient location than an NHS dental practice. Whatever the reason, it is very useful to know whether or not your dental insurance covers private care.

To begin, it is important to know that there are several different types of dental insurance plans depending on the company you’re insured by and the specific plan you have chosen. Some insurance policies cover the cost of NHS treatments and other insurance plans cover the cost (or partially cover the cost) of private dental procedures. If you are not sure what your dental insurance policy covers, it may be helpful to discuss your dental plan with your insurance agent or, if you’re insured through your place of employment, with your company’s human relations officer. You can ask your employer or insurance agent to send you a copy of your insurance plan, which you can keep on file for whenever dental insurance related questions arise.

Though all dental insurance plans vary, many cover standard private dental procedures such as fillings and cleanings. Many insurance plans cover any dental injuries or emergency procedures that you have a private dentist treat, such as repairing a chipped tooth. It is also fairly common for dental insurance plans to cover private treatment for any dental disease you may have. However, you cannot expect dental insurance to always cover cosmetic dental care, such as whitening or dental implants. Though your insurance plan may cover such procedures, it is important to check your dental policy before assuming that your cosmetic treatments will be covered.

Another aspect of dental insurance and private care that it is important to consider is the remaining cost of procedures after coverage. Though dental insurance does cover many private treatments, you may be required to pay for a certain portion of the bill, depending on your specific policy. Even though dental treatments are not always entirely free with dental insurance, the cost is usually significantly lower than if you were to pay for private care as an uninsured individual.

As with any type of insurance, it often benefits you to carefully research which policies best suit your specific needs. Knowing exactly what your dental insurance policy covers and does not cover, will likely be of use to you when you’re in need of a dental procedure.

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