Enjoy your travel with the best Jet Konnect Airlines

By | September 8, 2011

Jet Airways is considered to be one of the best airways in India. Now, Jet Airways has come out with an innovative way to make travel easy for everyone. Jet Konnect Airlines will cater to all the people by giving low cost fares. This operates from Mumbai and is a recently introduced airway which is getting popular in the recent days. This low cost airline will operate only for few destinations. It will be an ideal option for the ones who are searching for low fare airlines. As the need increases, the crash in the prices had made Jet Konnect Airlines popular. The airlines are currently operating around 36 destinations.
There are 58 flights that will operate around 19 routes from Bangalore, Mangalore, Amritsar, Delhi and many other destinations of your interest. You will be able to enjoy good flight service for very low prices. You can buy menu in the flight which has a range of veg and non-veg food with a variety of cold drinks and juices.
The Jet Konnect Airline’s baggage rules are you can either carry 30kgs or 20kgs for both economy and premium class without any extra charges. If the baggage is extra, you will have to pay more. In the flight, you can have a single bag which is 115sq.cms and the weight should be up to 7kgs. You can carry a laptop along with this. The fact is that Jet Konnect airlines are considered to be one of the best airlines that are being promoted by the Jet Airways. The baggage allowance for Jetairways is 46 Kg from London to Mumbai but it is only 20 Kg on Jet Airways Konnect.

From booking a ticket to facility in the airport, process for check in, all your queries will be taken care of. This had become the best option for the people who travel often for business or personal reasons. One of the advantages of choosing no frill airlines is that you can go one way alone so you do not have to worry about the booking. You can travel non-stop with these low cost airlines. Seating arrangement is generally based on who comes first. So, if you are looking for a window seat then better check in early to get one and your seat is guaranteed. You can satisfy your appetite by trying different variety of food that is available. Jet Konnect Airlines makes sure that you will enjoy your travel with the minimal cost. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your travel with Jet Konnect airlines and enjoy your trip without any worries.