Finding Bank Holiday Lidl Opening Times in London

By | February 8, 2021

If you are a fan of reality television, you have probably been tuned into Logo TV’s staple reality series, Lidl. Since its inception in 1987, Lidl has been bringing competition television entertainment to homes across America. Each week, new adventures are added, making the show one of the most popular television shows on air today! Here are some important facts about Lidl that you may find interesting.

Lidl Opening Times: When is Lidl open for holiday weekends? (Image: GETTY) Friday: The first day of the week, Friday is considered the “Lidl Opening Week”. This is the best day to be out and about with friends and family. If you wish to purchase an overpriced side door or have any other questions, you may call toll free at any participating toll free numbers beginning Friday evening. Representatives will be available twenty-four hours a day to answer any inquiries that you may have. Be sure to visit the official website, toll-free number, or contact any participating local establishments to book your upcoming holiday weekend trip.

Monday: The second day of the week, Monday is considered the “Lidl Opening Week” or “Bank Holiday Weekend”. There is no set schedule for this event, however it generally begins on Monday morning and runs through Friday afternoon. Many establishments place special signage outside of their establishment welcoming customers back for another summer bank holiday weekend. Many of these establishments also offer special discounts, or offer gifts from their merchandise departments for such special occasions.

Tuesday: The third day of the week, Tuesday is the “Lidl Opening Hours” or “Silver Hour.” It follows immediately after the “Lidl Opening Week” or “Bank Holidays” period. This is often the last day for new business to open and is the last day that new contracts are signed. Many restaurants, shops, and businesses that are in operation for several months will be shutting down for one day or weekend following the end of their bank holidays and open again on the following Saturday.

Wednesday: The fourth day of the week, Wednesday is the “Lidl Opening Day” or “Bull Market” -also known as “averting.” The term “bull market” pertains to the four largest days of the week when many local stores to take advantage of their overabundance of inventory by offering deep discounts and sales to boost customer traffic and anticipation for their next visit. Many stores have a unique theme that week, such as “red, white and blue,” “thin, crispy and bold,” “big, juicy, and bold,” etc. These themes are used repeatedly and are a focal point of their marketing campaign and advertising campaigns. Many consumers don’t even notice closing time until the very last minute, which is another reason why they prefer Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (and Friday through Saturday) as their opening times.

The fifth day of the week, Friday, generally falls between Wednesday and Monday evening. The traditional holiday opening times for a bank holiday is typically between eight and ten am. The earlier that you book your restaurant reservations, the better the late booking rates will be on Friday, which makes you money if you can get a reservation in advance.

The final day of the week is the final “Lidl Opening Weekend.” This is usually between mid-September to early-October. You will find that these are quiet, slow times, with not a whole lot of people actually shopping or dining in the area, so the prices are a bit higher during this period, but you will get your desired location and more bang for your buck because there are no other businesses competing for customers during this period.