Finding the perfect baby gift

By | October 10, 2011

There comes that special time in every parent’s life when their child has a baby shower, christening or first birthday. Relatives gather around to offer gifts to mark the special occasion and getting the gift just right is an important part of showing how much you care.

With so many baby gifts out there to choose from, it is important to take into account the tastes of the parents and also give yourself a budget. Traditional baby gifts are often a good option to take, since these tried and tested presents have been pleasing parents for centuries. Here is our pick of the best traditional baby gifts you can buy.

Parents will be able to cherish those special moments and look back over the years at this magical time with a photo frame or memory book. Silver photo frames are a traditional choice or you could get a personalised memory book where the proud mother and father can store many happy memories as the years pass.

A casting kit is a wonderfully personal, special way to mark the birth of a child. You can choose from a belly casting kit to create a unique record of your friend or relative’s pregnancy, or once the child is born a home casting kit will create unique memories of the baby’s hands and feet.

Giving a personalised gift has been popular for years, since it shows you have gone to extra effort to make sure the gift is unique and touching. A personalised piece of artwork can make the new nursery extra special and will stay with the family for years to come. You can also have books populated with the baby’s name for them to enjoy once they get a little older.

The traditional metal used in baby gifts is silver and comes with a range of options. Traditional pieces such as egg cups, spoons or a first tooth box are a popular choice. A beautifully presented commemorative coin set serves as a perfect memento of the year of the baby’s birth and can be cherished for many years to come.

Similarly to silver gifts, china is a wonderful traditional baby gift. Get china pieces that display old favourite cartoons and a piggy bank is a lovely gift idea for when the child gets a little older.

A toy is a simple but effective gift that will be appreciated by baby and parents for the peace it gives them! Remember to always check what age the gift is suitable for.

With so many inspiring baby gifts it won’t be long until you find the perfect one.