For Quality Safe Bottles, Use BPA Free Glass Water Bottles

By | September 18, 2011

If you have safety concerns when it comes to the use of water bottles, then your safest bet is BPA free glass water bottles.

If you have safety concerns when it comes to the use of water bottles, then your safest bet is BPA free glass water bottles. These unique water bottles will ensure that you are not at risk, unlike polycarbonate bottles made out of plastics than contain potentially harmful chemicals. The abbreviation BPA stands for Bisphenol A; become adequately enlightened by getting information about this dangerous chemical, and consequently opt for the safer option. A little time taken to do this will save you from a lot of distress later in life. Below we shall delve more into why you should make the switch to glass bottles because of various health safety reasons.

Let’s begin with a brief history of BPA. It was first discovered in the late 1800s, and bottle producers made use of it for more than half a decade. It is the chief ingredient that is made use of in epoxy resins that are used to manufacture the almost shatter-proof polycarbonate plastic bottles that are commonly used by fitness and outdoors fanatics. Regardless of the fact that BPA has for a long time been suspected to have a negative impact on our bodies, it wasn’t seen as much of a serious issue until around 2007. It is around this time that the glass water bottle with silicone sleeve was beginning to be viewed as a suitable replacement.

Most plastic bottles that have been used over the years probably contain the harmful BPA compound in them. An astounding fact is that the plastic used for common baby bottles likely contains the chemical as well. Fortunately, with the advent of environmentally friendly water bottles, you can rest easy knowing that your child is safe while using their baby bottle for water and other liquids. Exposure of plastic bottles to heat causes the plastic to degrade quicker, and in effect releases the BPA chemical in the water. However, with the use of glass water bottles, there is no risk of this happening. You therefore need not worry yourself with safety issues even when you carry hot water in the glass bottle.

To put it simply, using BPA free glass water bottles for both adults and infants ensures that they are not exposed to risky and harmful BPA substances. Water companies are over time becoming more conscious of these facts and are gradually switching to bottling their water inside environmentally friendly glass water bottles. You do not have to be afraid of a slow, painless poisoning of your body when you use glass bottles. In addition to that, you can also find comfort in knowing that you are far much less exposed to risk of suffering terminal diseases such as breast, testicular, and prostate cancer.

Finally, there is the obvious advantage of the fact that the glass water bottle with silicone sleeve is a lot more appealing to look at than the typical plastic water bottle. The unique water bottles can be molded into copious beautiful shapes and designs with elegant patterns intricately engraved on them to give them a stunning appearance.

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