Four Custom Printing Options for Your Business Printing Needs

By | October 5, 2011

Custom business printing options allows to boost aesthetics of printed materials. It gives greater impact that will create a lasting first impression.

When looking for commercial printers, you need to find the best one for your printing requirements. After all, printing services should not only provide good prints; they should also provide great business printing solutions. Custom printing is an example of such solution.

Custom business printing gives you the chance to be creative with your marketing materials. It allows you to be proactive in addressing your marketing needs. Here are some custom printing options that most Arlington business printing companies offer:

Custom Sizes
Business printers offer different size templates per print item. For example, a business card, which measures at 2 x 3.5 inches, can be set at a size a bit larger or smaller depending on the style the client wants to achieve. With a customized order, you have more room for creativity and break from traditional standards. Printing your marketing materials in sizes other than the usual gives you the advantages of standing out and being noticed easily.

Unique Printing Materials
The traditional material for printing is the white semi-gloss paper stock. However, you are free to use other materials that will allow your prints to have greater impact, thanks to custom printing. By customizing your printing needs, you can have a paper material of any texture and finish especially for you. For example, you may choose to order UV coating to give your postcards or business cards a different texture.

Creative Embossing
Want to make your brand name or logo to stand out? Then have it embossed. Embossing is a process that involves pressing two sets of metal dies together to raise a shape on a certain part of your printed material. The resulting raised design adds texture and elegance to business cards or invitations. Although embossing can cost you extra, its stylish aspect can offset your choice of your simple monochrome color.

Smaller Orders
If you are ordering from any Arlington business printing company, print jobs that are below 250 or even 500 is considered as a custom print job. Thanks to modern digital technology that business printers have taken advantage of, you can order prints that are as many as few thousand copies or as little as one. Depending on the scale of your marketing campaign, you may choose to order custom print jobs for a targeted advertising approach. For instance, instead of printing thousands of marketing posters, you can now print only a few dozen specifically targeted to demographics. Producing marketing materials in smaller number also means you can send them out more often. You don’t need to print out a thousand pieces of the same postcards with the same message, for instance. Instead, you can have a few hundred which you edit and send every now and then. Imagine sending different postcards for the holiday season – one for Christmas and another one for the New Year.

Custom business printing options allows you to boost the aesthetics of your printed materials. It gives your marketing campaign greater impact that will create a lasting first impression with potential customers.

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