Fulfillment outsourcing

By | September 29, 2011

Typical Client Requirements in Fulfillment outsourcing from FGS Fulfillment outsourcing * High quality repair solution providing for same day Turn Around Time (TAT) * Flexibility to cope with fluctuating repair volumes * Lower customer repeat returns * Lower overall repair and return costs * On-site customer call centre representatives and engineers with seamlessly integrated systems * Tracking and reporting capability and visibility to each unique customer return * Increased levels of end-customer satisfaction with efficient and cost effective repair service Typical FGS Solution – Fulfillment outsourcing * Consolidation of repair service into one strategic location reduced the amount of space and equipment needed to meet daily volumes * Strategic geographical location of repair centre ensures the most efficient use of time with deliveries * Shop floor control system also provides real-time feedback to our customers’ representatives and engineers, including status of the units, any customer holds or parts holds, and the actual repair technician notes accounting for the diagnosis and repair, including any parts removed and replaced during the repair activity. * FGS assess any potential design or manufacturing supply chain issues for specific parts in the respective units and report those directly back to the client * By accounting for all parts used, establishing warranty enactment processes, and managing parts for repair back into the supply chain network, FGS are able to significantly reduce the spare parts costs of repair * Introduced a Customer Service area within the repair environment, which combines the FGS customer service representatives team and the clients CSRs team on-site for prompt technical diagnoses and communication to the end-customer Typical FGS Results – Fulfillment outsourcing * Increased ratio of Same Day TAT * Decreased looper rates (repeat returns) * Reduced total backlog * Reduced awaiting parts holds. One of our greatest innovative achievements in recent times has been the design and roll out of a complete end to end IT logistics solution for Service Parts Logistics. We have Integrated 4 key applications together, along with a long list of complimenting business to business signals and incorporated them all into our solution architecture to provide our customers with a robust IT architecture to support their business. Today, the same IT Service Parts Logistics solution is deployed at multiple sites around the world and is recognized as a perfect fit for any Service Parts Logistics business. This integrated automated solution minimizes the amount of touch points in the process while optimizing the labour content needed to fully benefit operations. FGS Exchange Programmes can often provide a lower cost solution than carry-in exchange or on-site repair solutions. By providing a consistently high quality and speed of service we will increase your end-customer satisfaction ratings. Furthermore, we can hold and own all inventory for you, helping simplify the materials pipeline and reducing your inventory and logistics costs.