Get Luxurious Comfort with Memory foam Mattresses

By | September 21, 2011

Here at Zleeps we firmly believe that we stock the best range of memory foam mattresses on the market today. All of the mattresses in our range come with a peace of mind comfort guarantee and we are certain that you won’t find a better quality product at a lower price.

Memory foam mattresses are becoming increasing popular as the message begins to spread over the great comfort and luxury that they provide. While this growth in popularity has exploded in recent times, memory foam has, in fact been around for many years.

The material was first developed by scientists at NASA and it was intended to aid the comfort of US astronauts in space. When the US Space Programme was scrapped, research continued and after the first batch of memory foam mattresses were trialled in hospitals, commercial mattresses began to appear around twenty years ago.

All memory foam mattresses are known for their health properties but you don’t have to suffer with back or joint conditions to enjoy all of the benefits that they provide. Memory foam works in the same way to provide a perfect mix of comfort and support that will give anybody the best chance of attaining a perfect night’s sleep.

As soon as you lie on the mattress itself, the upper layers begin to react to your body heat and they quickly become flexible. In a short space of time, they mould around your body, memorising its shape and that gives you a sleeping surface that is tailor made to you as an individual.
Below the upper layers, the remainder of the mattress remains rigid and it is this unique mix of comfort and total support that gives you such a restful night.

Research has shown that users of memory foam mattresses are less likely to move around at night and as a result, they wake refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead. Something you require to consider is that you do not desire to go for the cheapest memory foam mattress topper out there. Lots of people will create this fault and you surely don’t want to be one of them. If you fall into this catch you may locate yourself with a low end product that fails after a few months of use.

Memory foam mattresses offer you luxurious comfort at affordable prices and here at Zleeps, we have the best range around and can guarantee that comfort as you drift off into restful sleep.

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