Global Businessman Changes Home Base Opening Times

By | December 15, 2020

homebase opening times

Global Businessman Changes Home Base Opening Times

Homebase is making a name for itself as one of the most prominent online home based businesses today. Homebase allows its clients to have their own internet home based business with access to the best products and services available on the web at a fraction of the original cost. In order to make this happen, Homebase has implemented a number of new social distancing measures which are designed to make the in-store experience more natural and less intrusive. In other words, customers are no longer automatically prompted to “shop now” upon entering the Homebase shop. Here are the latest changes:

* The Homebase opening times change from Monday to Sunday evening. Previously, customers who were looking to shop on the weekend would have had to wait until the shop opened on Monday morning. This made it impossible for many people to shop for the items they wanted on the weekends because they did not have access to them during the work week. Now, anyone who wants to shop on the weekend will have to go through the Homebase catalog or online homepage, and click through to the stores where they want to buy the products they need.

* During the Homebase opening hours of Sunday, shops in the Homebase Retail Park were open twenty-four hours a day. Customers were then required to wait for their turn to be served when the store opened. These customers included busy office workers who were out late attending their jobs. With the new opening times on Monday, these shoppers can now step into the Homebase showroom twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and not be penalized for being out of town on a business weekend. Previously, it was necessary for shoppers to stay an extra two hours to make it to the store on a Monday morning.

* Additional store locator services were added to accommodate the long lines of people waiting to be served. Homebase’s in-store catalog began to include an online map viewer, and an online search function to locate Homebase stores and browse their offerings. As more customers began shopping at home-delivery services instead of having to drive to the store, the Homebase opening hours were adjusted to allow for home delivery services.

* The Homebase opening hours were changed to start early Monday morning, so that customers in the shopping center could begin shopping and getting their supplies before the sun came up. This change increased traffic flow into the mall from Monday morning until Friday afternoon. Many shoppers complained about not being able to find the things they needed during the normal opening hours, but with the change to early Monday morning, this was no longer the case. The Homebase retail store locator services were happy to provide the customers with the location of the nearest Homebase store to their current location, so that they can still get their supplies delivered to their home.

* Along with the change to start early Monday morning, and extending to Friday afternoon, the Homebase retail locations changed their in-store displays to display social distancing measures. The new display systems would require shoppers to enter a code to gain entrance into the store. Once inside, they are required to stay put until the store opens and then check out. If they return to the location without purchasing anything, the discount will revert back to the regular price. The displays have since been modified to still display social distancing measures, but have not changed for the customer’s benefit.

* Homebase continues to offer the same great products at prices that are both great and lower than competitors. The change to start early Monday morning was to compensate for the slower sales through the weekend. The change to remain open through the weekend was to compensate for the slow sales through the week. Both changes worked to increase sales through the holiday season.

The Homebase retail chain continues to expand and compete aggressively on the global market. The retail locations have remained open throughout the seasonal change and this has allowed consumers to shop anytime day or night. Consumers appreciate that the home delivery option gives them more flexibility in shopping during business hours. Retailers understand that there is only so much that customers can do while the stores are open to help maintain sales, and that the discount programs continue to be a key component in attracting new customers to use the home delivery program.