Global tax management services – helping in relocation

By | October 7, 2011

An interstate relocation is a very tedious work especially if relocation bonus is involved as then there is tax to be taken care of. Global tax management services can help you with that.

Relocation tax is one of the major headaches for the tax consultants all over the world. Let us find out the reason behind this. Suppose you are working in a company which is based in California. For some business reasons your company has asked you to move to London. It is obvious that California and London must not have the same tax rules. It is also obvious that your company should bear the relocation expenses as it is a business travel. Most companies tend to pay their employees a lump sum of money as a relocation bonus. When you are receiving an amount it will be considered as your income which will be subject to taxation. Levying tax on this kind of relocation amount is not easy. Your employer is based on California, paying the amount. On the other hand now you are based in London receiving the amount. In this kind of scenario the global tax management services come into picture.

Global tax management services are generally offered by organizations having tax experts. They posses a thorough understanding of the tax processes of different countries. There are numerous calculations involving the taxation process. A certain amount of money will be deducted as tax; again you may get exemption of certain amount depending on various factors too. The experts of global tax management services will take care of these issues while you can enjoy the new city or country wherever you are in. But do you think that their task is very easy as they have the knowledge? The answer is a no as well as a yes. No since it is indeed not easy and yes since the credit of doing most of the complex parts of the task goes to the international relocation software. Let me give the details.

As I said earlier the taxation amount calculation involves complex formulas. It would have been a mammoth task for the experts if they had to do it manually. The international relocation software has these complex formulae stored inside them. Depending on the input the experts give them, they give the correct output as desired. The inputs may be different things like your start of journey, your destination, the total amount you have received, your actual fuel expenses, accommodation expenses etc. Based on these inputs the international relocation software will calculate the tax amount which will not only make the task easier for experts rather decreases the chance of mistakes too. In some cases the software may not provide the final value as some deductions and exemptions need to be calculated manually too. This is where the expertise of the taxation professionals and the difficulty of their job come in to the picture.

The global tax management services as well as the international relocation software have been working relentlessly in helping companies from all over the world manage employee relocation effectively. It would have been a very lengthy, tedious and extremely difficult task without the help of them.

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