Great Health Benefits with Double Mattress!

By | September 21, 2011

Memory foam has many health giving properties but you don’t have to have back or joint problems to enjoy all of the great benefits that a mattress of this kind provides. Above all, we all want a good night’s sleep no matter what and that’s just what a double mattress of this kind provides.

Memory foam has been around for nearly fifty years now and it first emerged as part of Nasa’s space programme in the 1960’s. Its original intention was to give more comfort to astronauts in space but after the programme was abandoned, it was put to good use elsewhere.

The first memory foam mattresses appeared in hospitals where a double mattress was seen as an ideal support for patients who had to lie in bed for long periods of time. Shortly after this, the first commercial mattresses appeared.

Memory foam works by reacting to your body heat and this makes the top layers of the surface pliable and they in turn mould around your body’s shape. Underneath these upper layers, the rest of the mattress remains perfectly solid and it is this perfect combination of comfort and support that makes a memory foam mattress so popular.

This concept of ‘memorising’ your body is the same no matter whether you choose a single, king size or double mattress so memory foam is perfect for all of the family. One of the best options you can choose is the half and half manner which is known as the memory foam mattress toppers. A mattress topper is a part of memory foam that roles in the similar method as a mattress but it is thinner. Put it on surface of your mattress, experiencing you of memory foam without paying high rate mattress.

If you have suffered with back and joint problems, memory foam is ideal for helping to support your body while you sleep but even if you have a perfectly healthy back, a memory foam double mattress is a good option as it can guard against any future problems arising.

The health benefits don’t stop there however and memory foam is completely hypo allergenic which makes it resistant to dust mites and it is also constructed without springs which means that it is easier and safer to transport.

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