Great Thank You Card Titles And Headers

By | October 5, 2011

There is more to the title of your thank you cards than the mere word “Thank You.” While most of these types of color thank you cards do in fact have that title as the “only” title, most of the best and memorable thank you cards go beyond saying thank you, even at the headline level. In this article, I will teach you great new approaches to thank you card titles and headers. Beyond saying the standard thank you, you might want to try these out so that your cards will be more distinct and memorable.

1.The heartfelt standard – There is nothing quite so special and memorable in a thank you card headline than a heartfelt sentiment. When you compose a headline that is true, very sincere and very personal, people do feel it through the words.

So one of the best options for you is to also compose a heartfelt thank you card headline. If possible, you should even customize the name since this makes thinks more heartfelt. It is all possible through digital printing, so you should try it out. Here are a few examples that should get you thinking on your own heartfelt titles and headlines.

a.Your continued patronage keeps us going strong! Thank you.
b.Our sincerest thanks for sharing our momentous occasion
c.Because of you it was special. Thank you.

2.The leading thank you – The leading thank you concept is basically the headline concept that has an ellipsis at the end (…). The sentence of phrase for the headline is basically cut so that you lead people to read more of the thank you card.

This is a great thank you card headline strategy for specific thank you cards that have more than just giving thanks in mind in its message. For marketing thank you cards, this concept for headlines is perfect as it gives people a reason to read more about your marketing message. Here are some examples:

a.The many reasons we are thankful because of you…
b.Please accept our dearest thanks…
c.Our special message of gratitude to you is here…

3.The effect emphasis – Another approach to thank you card headlines is the emphasis on its effect. By telling people the large impact of what they did to you, they can feel extra special about doing those particular activities. That special feeling of helping people or being appreciated can really bring pleasure to readers, giving them a reason to work more with you and get more thanks. Let me give you a few examples of this kind of emphasis in action.

a.Thank you for saving us!
b.Your support has helped so many people!
c.5 poor families are able to live happily because of you.

4.The eloquent spiel – If your thank you card needs to be sent to very professional and high society type people, you might want to consider the more eloquent spiel. This involves using very sophisticated words that of course exudes excellence, richness and exclusivity. Of course it will all depend on your specific target market, but you must really be careful and use the right eloquent headline to make this happen. Some examples include:

a.Our sincerest and deepest word of thanks
b.We graciously thank you for all that you have contributed

5.The Author projection – Finally we have the author projection. This headline approach involves for thank you cards just attaches the author in the headline itself. This projection basically adds that additional personal sentiments of thanks, giving the thank you card extra personal impact on people. However, there is an effect of the style being written in the third person here sometimes. You will want to review and see if you are okay with it. Here are some examples:

a.Dr. Jenkins sincerely thanks you for coming…
b.It would not have been the same without you – Dr. Jenkins

Great! Now, remember that these are just guides. Your own thank you card headlines must represent your themes. However, the items above should give you plenty of fresh new ideas that should help you with your own thank you card designs.