Great Title Approaches to Sales Calendars

By | October 4, 2011

Review these concepts and see if one of these can work with your own calendar headlines. This is important if you want to make your sales successful.

Sales calendars are a very specific breed of color calendars. Besides having specific image shots that advertise things, they also have very deliberate style headlines on each of the calendar pages to encourage people to respond to its marketing message. That is why it is important for you to write the correct title approach when it comes to sales calendars.

In this special lesson, we will go through five such title approaches to sales calendars. Let this be a guide for you as you write out your own titles for your calendar prints. Review and see the list below and you should see the best style that will apply to your own prints.

1. Popular in season – A good starter concept for your sale calendar headlines is the “popular in season” approach. In this kind of approach, you basically compose a headline for each month that describes the popular things to do and buy that season. This helps your sales calendar lead readers into its marketing message.

It takes some finesse to do this effectively without sounding too commercialized, but it is possible. By advertising to people the things popular in season you should get some relevant responses easily from these calendars.

2. Things that must not be missed – You can also elicit better reactions from readers by presenting “things that must not be missed” in your calendar headlines. In many cases, people do not want to miss out on something very important or very beneficial. If your headline exudes this message and convinces people that they will miss something big then, for sure, they will immediately take action after reading your sales calendar messages. This is a classic but still very effective approach that you should try from time to time.

3. As said so by an authority – Sometimes, you can also benefit from composing calendar headlines with that is said to be from an authority or from an expert or master of sorts. There is this unspoken rule in markets that people will always pay attention and trust things better if they see an authority that they trust recommend or confirm something that is presented to them.

So if you also include a mention of an expert endorsing your calendar statements and marketing spiels, you can get more responses. It can be as simple as “Dr. Jenkins recommends!” or something more complicated such as a formal “Professor explains why this is…” Whatever your message is, as long as the authority is advertised this should work quite well.

4. Power words in action – You might be also surprised that in some instances, single words or short phrases can actually be enough for calendar headlines. Simple and direct words or phrases like “Discover!” or “Save 50%” or “GET FREE” are just a few examples of these power words in action.

These specific words carry great and concentrated meaning that people can understand quickly and of course act accordingly in the quickest possible way. So try to see if you can also use your own power words in your calendars.

5. Bandwagon effect – Lastly, you can go for a bandwagon time headline in your calendars. This gives readers a sense that they will be missing out on something if they do not respond to your sales calendars. Something like, “everyone is already losing weight with this… why can’t you?”. This adds a social pressure type sense in your sales calendars, helping you get more responses from your prints.

Good! Now review all these concepts and see if one of these can work with your own calendar headlines. This is important especially if you really want to make your sales calendars successful.