High Vis Clothing or Hi Vis Clothing for Complete Safety Assurance

By | February 17, 2012

High Vis clothing is a type of safety clothing. Generally, it is fluorescent green in colour and can be considered as personal protective equipment. Hi Vis is used as protective wear for workers, who are working in hazardous work environment, construction industry, emergency services, road maintenance and other types of place where there is risk of human injury.

Safety clothing is must for people working in extreme work fields, especially those working at night or in murky places. The benefits of Hi Vis clothing are immense. The speciality of this safety wear is that its appearance makes it easy for people to identify the reason of workers working at a particular place. Reflective safety jackets are used, when work has to be carried out at night time. To make this protective wear, special type of material is used which glows when light falls on it.

Advantages of wearing safety clothing:-

  • This will help to avoid any accident at night time or in dark places.
  • It protects person’s body against extreme heat.
  • This clothing gives high visibility of the wearer, which in turn is helpful in reducing the risk of accidents.

In industries where heavy machinery is used, then it becomes risky for workers to operate such machines. Safety wear is the only thing, which can protect the machine operator from any type of injury. When operating such heavy machines, clothes should be sturdy & snug-fitting and should allow free movement of body. Clothes like loose-fitting jackets, scarves, flared pants, etc. must not be worn when operating heavy industrial machines.

The ideal option to avoid any kind of damage or injury to your body is to wear high Vis (high visibility) clothing, when operating these machines. This type of clothing features reflective materials or bright colours like fluorescent, orange or green. The reason why bright colours are used is that these colours stand out from the rest of the environment.

Certain group of people who make use of Hi Vis clothing are: – workers, emergency responders, surveyors, construction workers, tow-truck drivers, etc. It is very essential for high visibility of the wearer working in certain extreme conditions. This type of safety wear gives visibility during twilight & night hours to avoid any kind of hazard. To avoid any hazard to the wearer, it is very necessary to improve lighting in such situations and this can be achieved through high vis safety clothing.

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