Home decoration with candles: Celebrate the festival of life

By | September 25, 2011

Candles play a vital role in decorating your home during festivals or celebrations. The light of the candles is soothing to the eyes and gives a serene look to the place where they are being used. They make you feel relaxed and sometimes even set your mood for looking within. They are pure miracles made out of wax which play an invaluable part in our everyday life.


Candles have always been used for decorating homes traditionally. Times have changed but the importance of candles in home decorations has not depleted even a bit. In fact, they have evolved and today décor candles play a vital role in home decoration during any kind of celebrations. These candles are available in various shapes, colors, and sizes. Decoration candles offer extra lighting while creating a delightful ambience and lending flair to the décor of your home or apartment.


The use of candles during Christmas and other festivals and celebrations is noting new. A wide range of candles are available in the market, which have especially been designed for such celebrations. The traditional candles for Christmas are pine green candles. These are also called evergreen candles as they have been used traditionally during Christmas. There are many other kinds of candles which have the ability to enlighten your home or apartment and create a pleasant ambience. Some of the popular types of candles that are used during New Year celebrations, Christmas, and other festivals and celebrations are given below.


The first kind of candle that comes to mind is called a tea light candle. These are small candles which are burned inside a candle holder. Such candles give light for about three to five hours, depending upon the quality of wax and wick used in making them. Typically, these candles are made out of white wax which is molded in a round shape inside a small metal cup. Tea light holders are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some small sized holders are available too which are designed primarily to protect the surrounding surfaces from the heat of the candle. Such candles do look very pretty but can be dangerous too if proper care is not taken in lighting them.


Another great variety is the pillar candle. These are free standing with one or more wick. Such candles give light for about an hour for every inch in diameter of the candle. These candles are very beautiful and give a very pleasant feel to the room. A container candle is another kind of candle which is extensively used in decorating homes. These are made by pouring the wax into a heat resistant container like glass or tins and is burned in the container for use. Container candles are available in various types of containers such as jelly jars, Mason jars, beverage glasses, and flower pots.


Floating candles play a vital role in home décor. They are so beautiful that they simply take your breath away. These candles are poured into molds of various shapes. These are floated on the surface of water after lighting to give a unique kind of look which is hard to compare. They produce a shimmering reflection on the walls and the ceilings which lends a romantic ambience to your room.


Designer candles are also available in the market. You can choose these candles from a variety of beautiful designs, shapes, and sizes. High quality wax and wicks are used for making designer candles. Such candles are ideal to enjoy a romantic candle lit dinner. These candles are quite expensive and some people might find them unaffordable but they sure will light up your evening and make it one that you will never be able to forget.



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