How candles can be used for relaxation

By | September 20, 2011

Aromatherapy has become one of the world’s leading alternative therapies, and makes use of traditional scented candle techniques to powerfully affect peoples’ moods, general happiness and emotional wellbeing. If you’re feeling troubled or you simply have a lot on your mind, choosing appropriate candle fragrances revered for their therapeutic properties could help you unwind.

Aromatherapy candles are very different from standard candles that only emit light and heat, as these are designed to release aromas when the essential oils they contain react with the flame. These fragrances are emitted in the form of vapours into the air, which can have a long-lasting effect if used in residential homes.

These fragrances are inhaled naturally by the body, and although there is no scientific evidence that aromatherapy can improve physical aspects of health, burning scented candles with popular, well-chosen fragrances can have an undoubted affect on peoples’ moods and feelings of happiness.

A wide range of scented candles are available in many different aromas, depending on personal preference or the recommendation of aromatherapy experts, with some scents being considered to evoke certain moods. These candles typically contain essential oils extracted from sources such as chamomile, eucalyptus, lavender and sandalwood, rather than artificial ingredients. The cost of candles will usually be dependant on the quality of oil used.

If you’re using a scented candle or collection of candles for the first time, you may need to be patient to experience their healing effects. It may take a number of sessions for you to start feeling noticeably more relaxed, and if you do not feel any effects after sufficient time has passed, you may consider experimenting with different aromas instead.

If you’re unsure which candles are right for you, reading books and websites about aromatherapy could help inform your decision. You can also buy candles that contain various scents in a pleasing combination, though these are usually a more expensive option.

Candles are widely used for relaxation in many countries all over the world, and even if you aren’t drawn to aromatherapy yourself, scented candles can make nice ornaments – as different scents of candles often come in very different colours. They can also make ideal gifts for friends and family members, especially if you can find out their preferred fragrances. Buying a luxury scented candle for a loved one can allow them to enjoy a rich sensory experience that they may never have spent the money on themselves.