How to Compare Insurance?

By | January 13, 2012

Comparing the available options is very necessary before opting for an insurance policy. The main key is comparing the quotes. In today’s world of technology, it is quite easy to compare insurances. Check online, make some calls or visit an insurance agent. But the difficult part is – sorting out the data and finding the best policy as per your needs.

The main requirement is to find out how much you will get as against the payments you will make. To do this, you will need to check the term of insurance, customer support system and also the premiums. You should be a little extra careful while looking for a health or a life insurance. Look for the one which gives you the maximum benefit in terms of maturity money and cover amount. In case of automobile insurance, take a note of the add-on benefits. The main factors to consider here are – cover on tow services, theft and accidental issues. This means when you compare insurance, you should not only compare prices but also the features.

Advertisements can be misleading. The insurance companies design and demonstrate their policies to tempt the customers. This makes the comparison a little difficult. But below are some tips that will help you effectively compare insurances:

Tip 1: Do not get lured by the price and examine everything. Generally we get attracted to products with the smallest price. The similar applies in the case of insurance. But, you need to consider that quotes are at many times ambiguous. Check the benefits, term or date of expirations. Clarify things that you find confusing and if possible make table to compare the quotes.

Tip 2: Be aware of the complexities of policies. When you are comparing the costs of various insurances, keep in mind, you are looking only at the visible surface of the insurances. As a matter of fact, most of the policies cover less than 20% of the surface contract. The quotes do not give any indication about the services of the company. Always try to get a sample copy of the insurance contract and the complete disclaimer sheet. 

Tip 3: Judge the quality of services provided by the insurance companies. We generally tend to believe that insurances with more benefit are better. Though this is not completely deniable, the service quality also plays a great role. Think of one company that processes your claims within 3 days, whereas, another takes months to get them delivered. Moreover, the processing system, of the more beneficial company, can be complex and you may find yourself in a frustrating situation while making a claim. 

These tips will help you getting a clearer idea while comparing insurances; but the end result is always based upon your good judgment.