How to define Goals in MBA Education?

By | September 24, 2011

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Welcome to Narayana Business School
Narayana Business School [NBS] offers various business management courses that can give your career a boost and empower your ideas. We believe in creating leaders of tomorrow’s economic market out of budding students through our innovative teaching module and practical training.

At NBS, students receive a solid grounding in all the functional areas of business, and learn how to go beyond them to consider the big picture, approaching each challenge with creativity and a willingness to take risks. It’s a ground breaking approach that can help you shape your career, business and the world for the better.

Narayana Business School (NBS) has evolved as one of the best B-schools in India imparting world-class education in the field of Management. Set-up of NBS is done by some very thoughtful and knowledgeable minds of academic and corporate fields who value management leadership in present economic scenario. The present dynamic business and social environment requires well-trained and skilled young leaders that have sharp understanding of the global economies. At NBS we make leaders with managerial excellence and market insight through our educational management courses, practical industry training, thought leadership and the esteemed faculty members.

Narayana Business School will prepare you to outsmart the competition, excel the fast paced global economy, solve problems creatively & build consensus across diverse groups through comprehensive and rigorous management training programs. In highly competitive environment you might think what makes us so special in academics and student career courses that we offer,
Among other B-schools offering management courses in India, NBS stands apart in terms of its belief in educating and preparing management leaders having global perspective and competitive edge.
MBA+POST GRADAUTE PROGRAM IN CORPORATE EXCELLENCE [PGPCE], BBA+MBA, INTERNATIONAL CFA and CFA INDIA training programs by NBS are based on latest management strategies that includes- Planning, decision making, organizing, leadership and effective control over operational management. Best B-schools give their output to society by producing managers with futuristic view and leadership qualities with latest know-how.

Life at Narayana Institute is unique and innovative experience for students for those seeking excellence in academics and making good friends as well. We believe in producing hardcore management professionals by giving them wider market exposure and corporate involvement.

NBS is supported by a network of 1800 plus alumni, who are senior leaders in business & are successful entrepreneurship.
You will be connected with them through an alumni club & hence will form a lasting social , intellectual & professional bonds.
You will call them your peers & your future business partners & your friends .

Todays students continue the legacy that began when NARAYANA was founded 10 yrs before.

The Narayana Culture LIVES ON.

Narayana Business School has three strong pillars of Experience, Expertise and Excellence, the combination of which leads to a sure shot success, no matter what field of life is.

Narayana Business School has three strong pillars of Experience, Expertise and Excellence, the combination of which leads to a sure shot success, no matter what field of life is.

Success in today’s business environment relies on the ability to thrive in an increasing complex world. Hence, learning from academically charged faculty and an exceptional peer group becomes critical.

We are proud to have a 1800+ strong alumni base who are true leader, innovators and pioneers of today, confidently pushing forward through the barriers of conventional and opinionated thinking.

Narayana Business School visualized the leadership needs of changing global economies & committed itself to create management leaders through innovative programs , experienced faculty and thought leadership.

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