How to get rid of your depression

By | February 14, 2012

If you have questions deal with unnerving scenarios, then you can experience panic or anxiety attacks. These occur when you can avoid the feeling that you are no longer with your fears and worries are. Learning how to fight fear is all about retraining your mind so you do not situations that you can not overdo it intensely. Anxiety is the result of believing you can not cope and this triggers the survival instinct that we are all that is known as the fight or flight response. When fear comes totally out of control we feel as if we lose control and this often signals the beginning of a panic episode Combat the Fat

There is nothing wrong with fear, because it is an important reaction that tells us to do something is to avoid dangerous situations. However, people with nervous trigger this response to light. This is a behavior pattern that can be retrained. This is how you combat fear.

The most worrying thing for most people fear is the unpleasant physical symptoms that go with the psychological and emotional symptoms. An increase in heart rate may think a lack of breath, pain and tightness in the chest at the end of the people there are some things seriously wrong with them. However, this is not very often. Our body should react in this way in real danger of circumstances, such as being attacked by a wild animal. But with so many sources of stress and worry in our lives, this reaction can be turned on too quickly. As a consequence, we recognize the risk in scenarios that are actually deadly in any way.

The main cause of anxiety problems is a small area of ​​the brain called the amygdala. This is more like a switch, anxiety on and off. However, with anxiety suffer the amygdala has been rather happy and will probably cause of all possible situations and as a result we develop anxiety and distress are enabled on these situations. The key to learning the easy way to combat fear is to learn new behaviors, to retrain the amygdala, so that they are not as easily activated. This is not as difficult as it sounds and you can get relief from anxiety symptoms relatively quickly.

If you already prescribed medications to have to manage your anxiety, then you should be aware that doing this concealment of symptoms and did nothing to correct the cause of the problem. Fear is a behavioral problem that can be unlearned through various techniques such as relaxation, meditation, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). There are many specialists in the treatment of people with anxiety symptoms, with the specialized methods such as these. I found that one of the most effective programs was The Linden Method. You can review my Linden Method, you can read here. This is a comprehensive recovery program for each type of anxiety and panic attacks and questions to answer as to combat anxiety Combat the Fat