How to Make Your Own Gift Baskets?

By | September 8, 2011

Gift baskets are one of the greatest gifts that you can give to any one on any kind of occasion. Though there is a gift basket for every occasion but the most commonly and widely used gift basket is wine and chocolate gift basket. Gifting baskets is the oldest and the most popular mode of gifting which is not only restricted to western culture but is common in other cultures too. There is no other form of gifting which is more simple and presentable as compared to other gift items and also it is something that will not take time to shop. These gift baskets are easily available in various wines and grocery store or other gift shops as well.

It is not only a popular item just to gift someone casually gift but also it is one of the most used items among companies. These items are widely used in companies as a thank you note or to congratulate someone for achievement and success. Corporate use these items because it is a way of showing gratitude and it also helps in maintenaining a good relationship between colleagues and clients of the company. Gifts are not only meant to give on special occasion, rather you can make anyone feel special by giving a gift on a regular day. This is one of the most affordable gift solution for companies that you can give to someone who is close to you may that be family or friends. These gifts are not only available on regular store; you can also find them easily on internet. There are numerous number of websites who offer gift baskets and accept orders for the same. This is much convenient method for those who don’t have time to shop around.

In cases, where you also don’t find anything that appeals to you, you can make your own wine and chocolate gift basket. It will cost you much cheaper and you can put things that you want and also you can pick things according to recipient’s personality. You can choose the chocolates they like and you can also choose the best wine to you or according to the one whom you are gifting. You can make the basket look more attractive and beautiful with the use of ribbons and other art. Following are some tips that you can do to make your own gift basket:

1.Choose the basket- The very first you need to do is to choose the basket. You should always choose the basket that is presentable and appeals rather than being gaudy and something that is unique in its own way.

2.Choose the gifts- Buy chocolates which you like and also make sure you also buy some which the recipient likes. Similarly choose the wine.

3.Stationary- To make the basket look more beautiful, buy a pretty ribbon, some beautiful papers to cover the basket and a note card to write your message if you want to.

4.Accessories- You can also add some flowers or fresh fruits First and foremost, you need to decorate the basket with the ribbon or laces to whatever design of ribbon you want to make. You can also tie the ribbon around the basket if you want.